Park Model & Cottage Homes- An Affordable Option for Early Retirement Living

Posted by johnpreston on May 8th, 2016

In today’s economic situation, cheap retirement living in a park model mobile home seems to be a viable option. Early retirement life is possible, if you find a way out to reduce your housing costs. And park model mobile homes serve as a great source in this regard.

Especially when we look out for ways to retire early, living in a park model mobile home would serve the purpose well. Well, the term mobile is misleading as these units are usually mobile only once i.e. factory to mobile home community. Of course, you can move it more than once but most units don’t rather they stay put.
However, if you are still wondering how this is one of the best ways to retire early, you must know that the cost of buying and maintaining a park model mobile home is low. With the initial outlay, you will only have to pay park fee on monthly basis and the park fee includes the general operation of your park, the landscaping, lighting, clubhouse operation, security (lots of parks are grated and guarded) etc.

Indeed, it is becoming one of the best ways to retire early and cheaply. Many people can afford 2 units, one at “home”, one in a warm climate. The usual dimensions of these homes are 40 feet by 10 feet and 400 feet is not a lot as compared to a free standing home. Whatever it may be but it contains all the space you need and use in a “home”.
Just imagine the rooms in your house you don’t walk in or through for days and weeks at a time. For instance, the formal dining room, sitting areas and garage are some of the areas you hardly visit in your house every time. To be more precise, you watch TV or read in one chair, a small table for 2 is all you need to eat on. Either it’s about buying park model Edmonton or park model Saskatoon, you will have full kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms in these homes.

Apart from park models, cottage homes also come in a wide variety of styles ranging from sophisticated beach cottage to charming country themes. Make a note, they are built to be more compact and with less square footage than a typical home but still have enough space for small families or couples. The cottages feature gingerbread trim, arched doors and little fireplaces nicely tucked into a comfortable living room. Whether you want to check out the availability of cottage homes Alberta or any other region, you can simply go online and begin your exhaustive research.

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