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Posted by transworldma on January 11th, 2022

Running a midsized business successfully is certainly not easy. Many business owners enjoy being challenged. Not every entity can remain profitable at a stretch. Size does matter as start-ups, and small business entities can bounce back within a few years, but doing the same for a bigger business is troublesome and full of hassles. One of the most effective ways to ensure that the business remains operational would be to consider merging with a giant company or deciding on acquisition.

Despite the troubled times, many business owners who remain profitable find themselves approached for considering a merger and acquisition. It is essential to note the nature of the businesses that are eager to join forces. There is no need to be tickled pink because a competitor sought the business owner out. On the contrary, it would be wise to listen carefully to the proposal and consider related merger and acquisition FAQs instead of readily sharing information.

Some of the things that need to be answered before contemplating the outcome must include inquiring about the following:

Why is the second company eager to merge/ acquire? This cannot be answered in a single sentence. Companies have multiple purposes behind making such a move. The primary reason for the buyer is to augment the growth strategies. An aspirant buyer who wants to acquire the company may look to enhance its capability, expand into newer markets, add to its product line, or generate more revenue. A company needs to understand the underlying concept to become a good acquisition candidate or be regarded as a strong acquirer.

Is there a good time to sell a business?

It is always best to sell the existing business at a profit when one wants to do it instead of being compelled by circumstances. It is advisable to spread the word about the impending sale when one is prepared for it. The perfect scenario would be to be fully prepared for the sale with all records updated and ready; the business is performing at its peak with regular profits, and competitors are eager to acquire it in the present condition. Unfortunately, no perfect world and a business owner is hoping to offload the company would have to make an effort

How much is the company worth?

Self-valuation of a company is a strict no-no. One cannot be emotional and decide the price singlehandedly. There are multiple factors to be determined, including the Estate Value, Tax value, Discounted Cash Flow, Enterprise Value, as well as multiples of EBITDA. The valuation must be based on the factor that is of importance to the buyer. Sure, the company CPA would be able to provide the tax details and help with tax planning. One must hire a competent business financial advisor with a proven track record to value it correctly.

An M&A advisor would assess the records and provide information about the company’s standing in the market.

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