Benefits Of Chairlift Installation in Philadelphia and Doylestown, PA

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on January 12th, 2022

Older adults find it challenging to navigate the stairs in their homes. Climbing up to reach the top floor becomes impossible as a result. The idea of being confined downstairs when the rest of the house is available is painful for them too. Trying to install an elevator may not be effective due to space constraints. Knocking down the walls to make room can be too expensive to contemplate. In such circumstances, the best way forward would be to opt for chairlift installation in Philadelphia and Doylestown, PA, instead of shifting to another house elsewhere.

 It is advisable to contact a reputed dealer of stairlifts and ask for branded devices to ensure quality and peace of mind. Experienced technicians handling the installation will not damage the property either. The entire procedure is completed within a single day with no mess and no fuss. The stairlift is ready to be used instantly. The consumer is encouraged to try it as the technician will demonstrate to make the user learn the ropes. All parts will be explained carefully, with the process of turning on the switch and stopping the lift being explained at length. The associated color codes and troubleshooting is described in detail as well.

The prospective user will be overjoyed to learn that the team of professionals dealing with installation will also leave the premises clean afterward. There will be no dust or debris visible once the stairlift is installed and is ready to be used.

One does not have to do anything to prepare for the installation either. However, doing the following will help to reduce the time for installation:

Removal from Staircase & Landings- There should be no obstructions on the stairway. The professionals who install the lift will check the structure to observe window sills and passage of pipes. They may be interrupted when potted plants or decorative items are on the side of the stairway. It is prudent to remove all objects creating obstructions to leave the area free for uninterrupted installation.

Images- Experts recommend clicking before and after pictures of the concerned area. This enables the homeowner to notice damages that may occur inadvertently. Fortunately, most technicians are highly skilled and have log years of experience. The instances of property damage during installation are few and far between. However, the said company would make sure to repair the area if a part of the building structure is damaged in the course of installation.

Plugs/Outlets- The stairlift operates on battery power. However, one needs to keep it charging so that the lift does not stop suddenly. The company representative will make an effort to check the availability of a power outlet at the side of the stairway so that the stairlift can be plugged in correctly. The consumer will be requested to have the plug ready before installation.

Requesting a branded stairlift installation in Doylestown and Plymouth Meeting, PA, ensures convenience and comfort for mobility-challenged individuals.

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