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Posted by Trust care on January 12th, 2022

The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and the Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai will talk about the minor activities one can go through to maintain the body hygiene in a regular time schedule. Both are dependent on each other. Being hygienic is being healthy. On the contrary, we have adopted a modern lifestyle to sustain our lives. People don\'t have time to do exercise and pay attention to their health. This busy lifestyle has made us more money oriented rather than balancing the day schedule and saving some time for ourselves. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai thus, mentioned some easy and minor things you need to do in your daily routine to stay hygienic and healthy:

Wash hands properly

We do most of our work by hand from cleaning our body to cleaning our surroundings. People often ignore washing hands before taking food. The germs left can enter our body and can create infections and diseases to us. It is very important to wash hands. You can carry hand sanitizer if you don\'t get water to wash your hands. But make it a habit, it will keep you hygienic.

Trim nails and hair time to time

Long nails are the reason for the unhygienic activity. They should be trimmed from time to time. Also, if you keep long or short hair doesn\'t matter, get them trimmed because it will save them from split ends. Remember in school times, teachers used to punish us for keeping long nails. We should cut our nails on time.

Brush your teeth

Brushing teeth daily is a good habit. It keeps your teeth away from germs and infections. A person should brush two times a day, one in the daytime before starting to work and the other at night after taking food before going to bed for sleep.

Clean surroundings

We should keep our surroundings clean. If we will live in dirt, it will harm us ultimately. We should throw garbage in the dustbin. We should keep our house clean. We should take a fresh bath daily. We should wear clean clothes and wash the dirty ones from time to time.

We should drink clean water. Consumption of contaminated water can cause diseases like diarrhoea and typhoid. We should wash fruits and vegetables before cooking and eating them. We should take special care of our bodies during illness. Always cover our mouth during sneezing and coughing through the handkerchief. We should not share our towels with someone. These are the common cleaning habits everyone should follow. People often compromise with their hygiene. It should not be done in any way, it will harm them.

Overall checkups

An overall health checkup will help you diagnose any disease beforehand. Many people avoid this and ultimately they pay for their mistakes. Doctor’s guidance is very essential from time to time. Our nature is not natural anymore. We have dug holes for epidemics and undiscovered antidotes of certain diseases. Better to take prevention rather than finding cure afterwards.

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