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Posted by Edward on May 8th, 2016

Floor, Ceiling & Wall – These are the 3 primary surfaces in an interior of a structure and when it comes to tiling up these surfaces then vitrified is the way to go. Porcelain and ceramic tiles aremore advanced and modern and are prepared in a way that they can withstand distinctive temperature and handled in a way that they can withstand diverse temperature and climate. Ceramic tiles will hold up to heat from hot pansand are durable. They are also very easy to clean and have very low maintenance.

Clays that are used to make sculpture and other pottery items are usually preferred clays to put in the mixture used to make tiles. The ceramic tiles market has been segmented Based on geography, the ceramic tiles market has been segmented into Latin America, Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. Floor tiles are traditionally set into mortar that has cement, sand and sometimes a latex additive for extra adhesion. In fact porcelain, ceramic or higher grade vitrified tiles are mostly made of common clay that could be found near the factories for ease of access and for environmental preservation by  not using natural resources like wood or hard mining for natural stones.


Numerous individuals like to match the grout lines from floor tiles to divider to give the perfect look, however with artistic tiles having more extensive grout lines than porcelain tiles, frequently this look isn't achievable. These premium quality Glossy Granite Series Floor Tiles can be benefited from us at business sector driving costs. All backsplashes are made of tile due to its normal water resistance. Surely understood for their unmatched configuration and prevalent shine complete, these tiles are extensively used to improve the presence of home style.Because granite tiles are made of nature’s own material, you should expect to find some variations in the colour.

We aim to inspire you and offer you the right accessories to change your home into your own one of a kind inventive space, in accordance with the developing configuration patterns highlighted in the most wonderful houses around the world; something all the more, in this manner, than basic divider or floor tiles for your washroom or kitchen. Ceramic tiles are hard in nature, so they are vulnerable to chipping or splitting on commanding effect.

Asian Granito Limited is a manufacturer of all kind of tiles that offers a wide range of tile, marble and stone related surfaces for construction, architecture & interior design. AGL has exclusive digital tiles and highlighters made especially for household in various sizes.

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