Types of Stair Lifts in Dayton and Columbus, OH

Posted by customhome1234 on January 12th, 2022

Being confined to a single room due to mobility issues can make a person extremely depressed and unhappy. Unfortunately, for most elderly homeowners, such a situation involves moving away. This is certainly not the best available solution. Trying to improve one’s mobility while staying in their permanent home is not entirely impossible, either! One can always opt for installing stair lifts in Dayton and Columbus, OHand be done with the physical discomfort and associated pain. 

It is indeed heartening to note that there are multiple types of lifts available at present. One is thus entitled to select the one best suited to the purpose. The first thing that the manufacturer or dealer of the device asks is the type of staircase design. While this is primarily the best way to choose between a straight or curved stairlift, there are various unusual options available. Some of the most popular types worth considering include the following:

Straight Lift- This is the most standard option, with the seating differing as per one’s use and taste. The lift is installed along a straight rail that follows the staircase perfectly. These happen to be affordable, with fixed and drop-down seats available. The installers are thorough professionals with the capability of overcoming all possible challenges. The home may have an exceedingly narrow staircase making the available space insufficient, or come with a closed-door at the top. Widening the space requires changing the structure, whereas one can get rid of the door to provide easy access. 

Curved Stairlift- A home with a landing in the middle of the staircase or one that curves beautifully can be tough to mimic when installing a stairlift. It is not impossible, however. The rail would have to be customized according to the necessity, thus making the ride smooth and completely hassle-free. Unfortunately, a tailor-made solution is going to be more expensive. 

Outdoor Stair Lift- The design is more or less the same as a conventional stairlift. The material used is more durable and suited for bearing all weather conditions. This is popularly used for gaining access to the garden or the backyard, with the lift being installed by the side of the outdoor stairs. 

Stairlifts have made it easier for homeowners to age gracefully and make the best of staying independently in their own homes. Due to the exclusive designs and customization options, it is easy for homeowners to install a stairlift irrespective of the design of the stairs. Taking the stairs is no longer required, thus cutting down on falling and getting injured.  

Installing an elevator in Dayton and Louisville instead of a stairlift can be an excellent solution for mobility challenges.

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