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For some of us, bathrooms are like a retreat into the safety of a private space. It is the place where we are all by ourselves, listening and talking to our person inside while we stand under the light drizzle from a shower. There might be a lit candle or two with soft soap foam floating on mild running water which make most Bathrooms appear as places of relaxation and peace.

Depending on how your lifestyle and how and what you feel in your bath space – the bathroom of a person who loves meditative music and salt bath will be stark different from the kind of person who runs a cold shower and brews the coffee and get the kids ready for school all at the same time. Your bathroom is the reflection of your habits and lifestyle.Here are some tips that would help you picking out the best bathroom tiles.

  1. Find your first favourite

Most bathroom spaces are a composite of many different designs of bathroom tiles. The floor tiles always complement the wall tiles and vice versa. It is easy to lose your way with so many different permutations and combinations. A simple approach to achieving the bathroom design you have in mind is by narrowing down your choices to one favourite bathroom tile. This gives you a constant to stick to and the rest of the tops/ sanitary ware etc. can be worked up from this constant favourite.


  1. Keep tile designs to three or less

Too much clutter, too little cause – this is the situation you always want to stay clear of. Using too many patterns and designs or even shades can lead to a confused sense of design. Mismatched tile designs can even make the bathroom appear smaller. It is advisable to keep the number of different looking tile designs to a maximum of three – floor tiles, wall tiles and possibly a highlighter tile.

  1. Make only one sweet spot

Let your bathroom have only one highlight. Be it the centre shower, or even a clean corner, having more than one highlight kills the design. Let the sweet spot be easily accessible. This is the real wow factor in your bathroom. Tiles are a great way to create a certain highlight in your bathroom is by using a great design of bathroom tiles.

  1. Keep cleaning and maintenance in mind

Keep in mind that floor tiles are very different from wall tiles. Tile companies make tiles that a specially suited for very wet areas, and then there are some which work well on walls but are too slippery for walls. Tile companies also make dirt resistant tiles which do not accumulate dirt. Keeping all these factors in mind is also important.

  1. Remodel Bathroom Tiles

Remember that tiles are a lot like bricks which can be used in various ways. If you have used a certain floor tile, you can also cut them and use them elsewhere – perhaps in another corner which restores balance and symmetry. Tile companies might be able to make recommendations that suit your requirement.

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