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Posted by Linda Share on May 8th, 2016

Lenders are often hesitant to give out SBA loans to small businesses as there is always the risk of loss if the money is not paid back. But, businesses which appear to be promising and can be potential profitable enterprises in the future are more likely to get a loan easily. The business must have a strong personal background and impeccable paperwork to get awarded a loan quickly without much hassle on the borrower’s part. There is a list of things that any lender will look for when you apply for a loan. Knowing these points will help you get small business loans approved easily.

The first thing the lender will look for when you apply for SBA loans is your credit history. This is the record of your previous credits from other lenders, companies or banks. Your credit score will usually be linked to your social security number if it is a personal loan. However, in cases of business loans it will be attached to your tax identification number. Before applying for a loan, you should keep a copy of this record available in hand. Having a clean and perfectly ordered credit record will make the whole process of getting small business loans much easier.

Secondly, the lender of SBA loans will enquire from you about the working capital management and other details about your business plan. The working capital is the amount equal to your current assets minus the liabilities. It is the money readily available to you to keep the business running. If the working capital is too low, the lender might feel that the business is not a viable one and that it is unlikely to make profit. This will discourage the lender to approve your small business loans and thus require you to go through a lot more inconveniences.

The lender of SBA loans will also want to know amount of your own personal investment in the business. This is a way to know how much you have put into your business and whether you really do believe in it. If your personal investment is a huge one, it will show that you believe there is minimal risk of loss in the business and there is a promise of success. This will make it more likely for the lender to approve of your small business loans. Even if you do not have a large capital to start with, lenders usually prefer a small business to have at least 20% of its total investment to be from the owner.

Next, you need to fix on the type of repayment options for SBA loans available to you. You can choose to directly transfer cash from your business or choose any other kind of secondary method of repayment. To judge your ability to repay, the lenders might want to look at your financial statements of the previous year. Even tax returns of the past years show if a business is viable and thriving. If you can show your business has made profits in the past, it will be easier to get a lender to approve your small business loans.

You can now get SBA loans at minimum interest. Find the best lenders of small business loans that will provide a good boost to your enterprise.

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