Alfa Chemistry Releases Functional PEGs for Biological and Therapeutic Research

Posted by Tylor on January 14th, 2022

The compounds conjugated with PEG (functional PEGs) have many advantages. Ever since its discovery, PEGylation is of increasing interest in biological and medical studies owing to their solubility in water, excellent biocompatibility and non-immunogenicity. The US-based chemical supplier Alfa Chemistry announces in a recent statement that it starts to provide functional PEGs for scientific research.

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a versatile polyether compound being utilized in various areas ranging from industrial manufacturing to medicine. In the process of PEGylation, PEG is bonded to another molecule to accomplish certain goal. Now PEGylation has become an attractive and promising therapeutic method.

“The importance of PEG in drug delivery lies in its ability to hinder the protein adsorption and thus minimize the protein corona formation,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry. “In general, PEG can be conjugated to many chemicals such as peptide, low molecular weight drugs, lipids and other biological macromolecules in different scenarios.”

At present, Alfa Chemistry is capable of providing a wide range of high quality functional PEGs. Some of them are listed as below:

DSPE-PEG-COOH (CAS 1403744-37-5), HO-PEG-OH (CAS 25322-68-3), AC-PEG-AC (CAS 26570-48-9), Poly(ethylene glycol) methyl ether, ω-methacryloyl-terminated (CAS 26915-72-0), DSPE-PEG-Biotin (CAS 385437-57-0), Poly(ethylene oxide)-b-poly(propylene oxide)-b-poly(ethylene oxide), α, ω-bis(hydroxy)-terminated (CAS 9003-11-6), mPEG-OH (9004-74-4), mPEG-SAS (CAS 92451-00-8), 4-Arm PEG-Acid, 4-Arm PEG-Acrylamide, 8-Arm PEG-Acid, C18-PEG4-Hydrazide, Fmoc-NH-PEG-NH2, HS-PEG-NH2, Methacrylate-PEG-Methacrylate, etc.

In addition to a large number of functional PEGs that are ready to use, Alfa Chemistry’s scientific team can also provide customized synthesis service of functional polymers based on customer\'s detailed requirements. To learn more about Alfa Chemistry’s offering of functional PEGs can be found at

About Application of Functional PEGs

When linked to peptides, PEGs can be used for protease detection. When conjugated with low molecular weight compounds, PEG cofactors, PEG catalysts and PEG-drug conjugates are formed. PEG-lipids are generally used in liposomes yields preparations. Moreover, PEGs are attached to oligonucleotides or their backbone-modified analogs to obtain modified compounds that have better performance in terms of solubility, cell membrane permeability and resistance to nucleases.

About Alfa Chemistry

Numerous efforts have been made by Alfa Chemistry to simplify the seeking process of customers. Now with continuous website optimization and upgrading, visitors can easily and swiftly target the chemicals and materials they are looking for. In the ever-changing chemical world, Alfa Chemistry does not want to let customers down, hence it always works hard to make the best, new and novel materials available. A subsidiary website is built by Alfa Chemistry, which offers a wide range of functional polymers, covering adsorptive polymers, biomedical polymers, electrofunctional polymers, functional PEGs, photoactive polymers, and silicone polymers.

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