Alfa Chemistry Launches High Purity Wet Chemicals for Semiconductor Industry

Posted by Tylor on January 14th, 2022

Semiconductor plays a pivotal role in modern electronics. The fabrication of semiconductor devices requires use of high purity wet chemicals. Considering this, Alfa Chemistry recently launches a new product line, offering a wide array of high purity wet chemicals, which can be used for clean, removal, and rinse purposes.

The oncoming expansions of some IC manufacturers such as Intel, TSMC, and Samsung will push up demand for materials like solvents, photoresists, gasses, and wafers/substrates. In particular, the demand for high purity wet chemicals is extraordinarily huge and there is even a threat of running short of it if the production of semiconductor chips continues to increase.

“We have a diverse portfolio of advanced chemical purification technologies, such as distillation, ion exchange, gas adsorption and filtration, which enables us to consistently provide a variety of high purity wet chemicals,” says the Marketing Chief of Alfa Chemistry. “Clients can always rely on us in times of shortage difficulties.”

The high purity wet chemicals provided by Alfa Chemistry Semiconductor cover the following:


In most semiconductor processing systems, acid is required to properly manufacture silicon chips. Alfa Chemistry provides a full range of pure acid chemical products for the semiconductor industry, including: D-(−)-Lactic acid (CAS 10326-41-7), L-Lactic acid-3-13C (CAS 155307-62-3), Oxalic acid-13C2 dihydrate (CAS 286367-59-7), Lactic acid (CAS 50-21-5), Oxalic acid dihydrate (CAS 6153-56-6), L-Lactic acid-1-13C (CAS 727379-97-7), etc.


Some of the bases provided by Alfa Chemistry are: 1-Dimethylamino-2-propylamine (CAS 108-15-6), Trimethylphenylammonium hydroxide solution (CAS 1899-02-1), and Ammonium-15N hydroxide solution (CAS 62948-80-5).

Hydrogen Perixide

Hydrogen peroxide mixtures (APM) are widely used to remove particles from the substrate surface in semiconductor manufacturing. We provide standard and customized high-purity hydrogen peroxide, for instance, hydrogen peroxide 30% VLSI and hydrogen peroxide ULSI, to meet the needs of each customer.


We also provide a variety of high-purity electronic grade solvents used throughout the semiconductor industry, for instance, 2-Methyl-3-heptanone (CAS 13019-20-0).

Please visit to learn more about Alfa Chemistry’s offering of high purity wet chemicals.

About Alfa Chemistry

With advanced technology and strong expertise, Alfa Chemistry is a reliable partner for leading companies in the semiconductor industry, offering an extensive product portfolio of high-performance materials. Moreover, it provides tailor-made solutions such as wafer manufacturing, MEMS support, semiconductor support, and semiconductor analysis & quality control. Alfa Chemistry is a perfect choice to measure impurities in chemicals used in semiconductor manufacturing or test contaminants in silicon wafers or final components.

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