Checklist for Buying Bungalow Project in Dapoli

Posted by swapnil jukunte on January 14th, 2022

Everyone wants that they live with their family in an owned house with a nameplate of their own. And for that people keep on searching about bungalow projects in Dapoli, villa or an independent house for sale, apartments, or other options. It is not an easy job to buy a property in Maharashtra or any other part of India. It requires lots of research and knowledge to save yourself from being stuck with the fraudsters. If you know all the paperwork and things you need to check before buying property in Dapoli or any other area of Maharashtra, you will be saved from any kind of fraud.


This checklist will provide you with some important points to consider before buying property in India.

  1. As you know the everyone is not aware of the property jargon used in the documents, it is good to hire a lawyer for that. A lawyer will help you in understanding various points written in the property-related documents like title deed, land use, approvals from the municipal corporation, occupational certificate, etc.

  2. While reselling the house, you will have all the documents ready like the receipt of the property tax paid or the loan release documents that will ease the process.

  3. While concluding the total cost of the apartment, also take care of the estimated cost of ownership, parking charges, stamp duty, registration charges, charges for the new furniture or interior, etc.

  4. While going for the apartments, there is always confusion about the carpet area and the built-up area. Before buying one, you need to understand the cost is for the built-up area or the final usable area. Do not get confused with both the terms as mostly, the cost of the house is as per the built-up area which is shown more than the usable area. Check whether the carpet area is enough for you or not for a comfortable living.

  5. While checking for your final budget for the house, keep including other expenses as well in it like property tax, commuting charges (if increased), maintenance charges, etc.

  6. Look for your neighbors and other people living in the society. Before buying a property, have a nice talk to them to understand the actual situation of the society. It is very important as generally what is shown is not necessary the complete truth. Also, this will help you in understanding the type of people you are going to be surrounded by for your whole life. If you are not comfortable with their mindset or the standard of living, you may lead to stuck in conflicts. 

  7. If you are buying a property in Dapoli or any other area for investment, you must think like a tenant. The property must have basic facilities like the nearest marketplace, railway station, parking space, and enough space for a couple.

  8. Keep enquiring from the watchman or other members of the locality about the basic needs like water supply, power supply, domestic help availability, security services, etc. 

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