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Posted by John on May 9th, 2016

In the current entertainment industry, there is just one way for the cover band or solo entertainer to obtain hired: a Video Marketing Package. With the ubiquity from the internet, it is mandatory for getting booked. Due to the accessibility of high quality audio editing software, the times of audio promo are over since it is impossible to understand how authentic the performance is actually. Virtually every potential customer will request a movie, so the sooner you receive this prepared, the much better.

Luckily, as internet rates of speed have gotten faster as well as faster, uploading a video to some hosting site such because YouTube or Vimeo never been easier. This is a superb option for quickly delivering materials. As a broker myself, getting physical promo packs within the mail not only expenses you money, but takes longer to examine and is harder in order to file. Digital promo packs are strongly encouraged rather than hard copies.

Knowing what ought to be in a promotional package and understanding how to actually create one are two completely different animals. Good intentions are often misguided, unfortunately! As a booking agent for a large number of musicians and acts, I've seen countless packages ranging from superb to hopeless. Here are some tips about all three components of your pack to ensure your package is as strong as possible:


* Absolutely no more than 10 minutes. Actually, around 5-7 minutes is actually ideal.

* Do not really include whole songs. Each clip ought to be no longer than 1 moment. It is usually better to include the most recognizable the main song.

* A choice of 7-10 songs is greatest. It is important how the songs are as varied as you possibly can. If you are an event band, make sure you've contrasting songs from every genre you perform to exhibit your versatility.

* Work together! If you record inside a live venue, make sure you've moments of talking towards the audience, or urging these phones sings a long. Should you record in a facilities, make eye contact using the camera and show just how much fun you are getting.

* NO MUSIC APPEARS! It is very difficult to connect to an audience with that person in a music remain with Lifeband. A lot of rings and entertainers use stands and sheetmusic being an aid on live gigs that is OK if done discretely. However for video promo to the potential new client, first impression is very important and having no music stands is a lot more professional looking.

* Attempt to have at least two camera angles and alternate through them inside your final cut. If you do not have access to a professional quality camcorder, this is a good way to enhance the manufacturing value.

* If you want to be represented by a booking agency for example ours, it is helpful to have "agent friendly" video which has no contact information.

* Regarding attire, it is vital that you look nice. Avoid denim jeans, sneakers, sandals, and t-shirts.


* Include the name from the band or performer towards the top of the song list.
* Divide the selections depending on genre, not by designer or alphabetically.


* Make use of correct grammar! Remember, very first impression.
* Avoid long lists which make the biography excessively lengthy.
* A bio associated with around 200-250 words is better. This comes to regarding 1-2 paragraphs.
* If at all possible, include a band photo or headshot about the bio.

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