10 Sure Shot SEO Strategies to Increase Web Traffic

Posted by Amina Seigell on January 15th, 2022

Natural referencing has indisputable importance in order to see your site appear favourably in the search results and increase traffic to your website. Let\\\'s find out together 10 SEO strategies you can put in place to increase traffic to your website.

1 - Work on the relevance of its display on search results

The click-through rate is an important factor in positioning your site in the organic results of search engines. Promoting CTR requires having relevance between search engine user queries and:

  • Your description or meta description
  • Your title
  • The repetitions of elements in line with the research

2 - Segment content

Content is one of the levers of natural referencing; segmenting your content consists of cutting it up to allow better reading by search engine robots and greater clarity during user visits. The creation of a simple navigation menu, directly accessible is also recommended.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to optimize each of your pages in an optimum way by identifying the relevant keywords in order to create logical categories. Thanks to this, you will obtain an SEO structure that will promote smooth navigation and, therefore, your positioning.

3 - Implementation of a keyword strategy

Search engine users make queries by typing in keywords. Due to the functioning of search systems, it is important to have a keyword placement strategy consistent with its theme. Keyword research by search volume can be an interesting solution. To do this, go to the Google Search Console to find new keywords according to your theme. While Google\\\'s tool is great, it\\\'s not your only way to access keywords. Long-tail keywords are also a great way to make your content stand out. In order to identify them, there are paid tools, and most online SEO software will give you this possibility, but there are also free techniques to find these very valuable keywords.

4 - Internal and external links

Links are bridges between your site and others. They are one of the best ways to link your content to the web of the web. Very important, the links must be present in such a way as to facilitate navigation on your site, but also to allow you to obtain qualified traffic from external websites.

5 - Domain authority

The domain name and its authority are of significant importance for your SEO. Google attaches importance to domain names that are reliable and at a certain age, so old domain names benefit from a trusted premium. If your domain name is new, there is not much you can do except waiting. It\\\'s good to know that there is a real market for old or expired domain names that have enough popularity and traffic to be considered highly authoritative. You can study this paid option if you need to save time.

6 - Accessibility and irreproachable technique

The technical aspect of your site should not be overlooked because it is at least as important to see more than the content. The page loading must be fast and optimized; a few seconds are enough to lose a visitor with too long loading.

The navigation must be done without pitfalls; watch for your broken links, which lead to an error page; this kind of technical glitch will penalize you and will cost you some precious places in the search results. The technique is also to provide a site map for search engines, avoid risky redirects, and take care not to offer duplicate content.

7 - Mobile optimization

The majority of Google searches are now performed on these mobile devices. Mobile surfing has now long overtaken computer surfing, so it is only logical that your efforts should aim to provide a flawless browsing experience on mobile devices.

  • Use smooth images and videos while optimizing size and quality
  • Pay attention to font sizes
  • Use design templates, and do not invent anything unless you are an expert in user experience.
  • Responsive design should be able to accommodate all sizes, including laptops.

8 - Perform a serious SEO audit

In order to allow you to have a global vision of your site\\\'s performance against your competitors, you should order a complete and personalized SEO audit. Avoid automated audit sites that do not provide real recommendations but rather open doors. It is not always useful to go through search engine optimization services in Dubai, but in all cases, you will have to take time to work seriously on each point of your natural referencing. Getting an external and professional view of your strengths and weaknesses will be of great help to perform.

9 - Your users experience matters a lot

UX or user experience is now taken into account to give you a rating and whether or not your website appears favourably. Providing pleasant and smooth navigation is integral to your overall SEO strategy. Experience and SEO go together very well, and since your visitors and future customers are logically your priority, you cannot miss a real questioning on this point. The quality of the landing page is part of the quality score for your paid ads but will also be beneficial in organic SEO. The bounce rate is the proportion of visitors who leave your site. The higher this rate, the more your site appears to be of lower quality by search engines. Providing an irreproachable experience and increased relevance makes it possible to reduce this rate and therefore promote your positioning.

10 - Transparency and honesty

Transparency on its site consists in clearly displaying your contact information, email address, map, phone number. Google will more easily highlight a page that inspires confidence than an obscure page with little information. Filling out your Google My Business form by verifying the address with a confirmation code is a significant plus in terms of transparency. Providing real business information for companies targeting particular local areas is essential. The presence or absence of business information is one of the SEO ranking factors, especially at the local level.

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