Can CAM Companies Offer Property Management Services

Posted by Diamond Community Services on January 15th, 2022

CAM is the abbreviated term for community association management. It’s a word that you may often hear homeowners saying. Nevertheless, if you aren’t aware of the term or the purposes served by such an association, then you need to read this. You’ll also learn how such companies can offer property management services.

It isn’t easy to describe what a Community Association Management Phoenixville company does. These companies offer services concerning project management, finance management, and customer service. Many people tend to confuse CAM with other related terms, such as a homeowner’s association or a condominium association. Owners of standalone homes and condo units can choose to run the community where they reside by themselves by electing a board of directors from a group of volunteers. Then again, those who volunteer for the task also have full-time jobs to attend to. When and if the residents need help, they can hire third-party service providers with a manager at the head of it to run the daily operations and maintenance of the community.

The best tenants

Now, the task of property management is different from CAM. Nevertheless, some of the Association Management Companies Phoenixville can provide both. A property management organization can conduct tenant screening, which is a complex process in itself. If you or anybody else in your community doesn’t have enough experience in the real estate industry, then you might end up choosing a bad tenant. The main issue with such people is that you can’t make them leave your property easily. If you want to avoid such situations, then you’ll need a property management firm. These companies have a reliable and verified screening process that helps them screen tenants and eliminate the ones that will cause fewer discrepancies in the long run.

Eliminating legal problems

Experienced landlords know how even a single bad tenant can create innumerable financial and legal problems. CAM firms that also specialize in property management possess a lot of knowledge with which they can protect you from potential lawsuits and other similar vulnerabilities. Every state of the country has its own laws that can affect landlords. Furthermore, you have to stick to the federal norms as well. These companies can screen the tenants, inspect the conditions of the property and safety standards, conduct tenant evictions, manage unit inspections, sign and terminate leases, and collect and handle rent and security deposits.

Properties won’t remain vacant

Property management firms can handle several tasks that prevent your property from staying vacant for too long. They can prepare the property for rent and even determine the appropriate rent rates. Some companies even employ marketing specialists that write numerous ads throughout their career and know what to say, where to advertise, and get as many candidates for a vacant property as quickly as possible. Since these people handle hundreds of properties, they can possibly negotiate cheaper rates for the advertisements, both offline and online. Additionally, these people are familiar with sales and how to shut things down when they receive field calls from prospects and take them on showings.

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