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Posted by thesleepboss on January 15th, 2022

The Sleep Boss Corporate Gift Studio is a business corporate gift solution offering zero waste gifts  and baskets that make your customers and team, friends and family feel valued.

We\'ve successfully delivered meaningful, high quality zero waste  gifts  to our corporate clients that show they care about their team and clients wellbeing.

Anyway  it’s to create a different  gift set for events, teams, clients or friends and family.we take your brief and design a gift set that is separate  from our range  wellness products.


Nowadays, most of us related  Christmas with excess and an overabundance of material. We buy zero waste gifts,we know our loved ones probably don’t want or need.


Then there’s the things we purchase for ourselves, and the home, because it’s Christmas. All of this material is then stored in a drawer for a few years before being donated to a charity shop.


If you’re ensuring  a zero waste lifestyle, this can be opposite  to your beliefs. You might even think you have to pamper, because it’s Christmas. Non-biodegradable materials like plastic are frequently  burned, releasing toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.


Even more destructive  is the fate of the plastic items that manage to avoid  this process. Only 14% sent to recycling, the rest often makes their way into waterways and oceans, where they have a devastating impact on marine life.

Many of us are swearing to diminish  our environmental impact by avoiding the consumption of single-use items. During the Christmas season, this can be more difficult. During festivities, we produce more waste than we do during a typical week. We may, however, be inventive. 

There are many  ways to enjoy the festive season, without the regret  conscience. Whatever  we’re looking for zero waste gifts for an anxious eco-warrior, or to put on our own gift list, there’s lots to choose from.


You can make your own zero waste gifts  too. Preferably use an old gift box or basket that you already have and fill it with zero waste objects. Select  from the list of items we’ve added below or get even more creative.


Whether it be for staff cherishing or recognition awards, birthday gifts, customer gifts, international visitor gifts, settlement gifts or a simple thank you for a job well done, no project is too big or too small. We\'d love to talk with you about your zero-waste gifting needs — get in touch with us and let us handle the gifting for you.

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