CD BioGlyco Provides a Comprehensive List of Custom Carbohydrate Synthesis Servi

Posted by beauty33 on January 17th, 2022

CD BioGlcyo, a biotechnology company that specialized in providing glycobiology-related products, analysis, custom synthesis and design to advance glycobiology research, now provides a comprehensive list of custom carbohydrate synthesis services that can combine chemical and enzymatic methods to quickly compose saccharide-related products.

Carbohydrates are the main components and energy supplies of living cell structures, and have important functions in regulating cellular activities. There are three main forms of carbohydrates in the body, glucose, glycogen and sugary complexes, and the physiological function of carbohydrates is related to the types of carbohydrates ingested by foods and the forms present in the body. Dietary carbohydrates are the most economical and important source of energy for humans and can provide and store heat energy; Carbohydrates are important substances that constitute body tissues, maintain the energy necessary for brain function and participate in the composition and a variety of activities of cells; in addition, they also regulate fat metabolism, provide dietary fiber, save proteins, antibiotics, detoxify and enhance intestinal function.

Highly skilled scientists at CD BioGlyco will design and customize complex multi-step reaction schemes to fit specific project needs. The company guarantees the quality of every final product as all of its products are always thoroughly analyzed by advanced technologies such as high field NMR and mass spectrometry.

Custom Carbohydrate Synthesis Services at CD BioGlyco mainly include (bulk manufacturing is also available):

  •  Monosaccharide synthesis
  •  Disaccharide synthesis
  •  Oligosaccharide synthesis
  •  Complex N-linked oligosaccharide synthesis
  •  Polysaccharide synthesis
  •  Sugar-nucleotide synthesis
  •  Carbohydrate antigen synthesis

“Most of our professional teams have doctorates. Degree, with high skill in the fields of carbohydrate, nucleoside, glycosylation, highly purified complex products, and synthetic route development. We are proficient in the design and customization of complex multistep reaction protocols to provide customers with customized overall solutions in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, therapeutics, and diagnostics to develop sugars and sugar-related molecules.” Said Anna, one of the marketing staff from CD BioGlyco.

More detailed information about the Custom Carbohydrate Synthesis Services offered by CD BioGlcyo can be viewed here:


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