The Features and Benefits of Petrol Water Pump

Posted by mygenerator on May 9th, 2016

Modern petrol water pumps are a marvel of modern technology. They use state of the art 4-stroke engines to generate large amounts of power. Inlets and outlets usually vary from 1-6 inches, though around the 3-inch variants tend to be the most popular. Most high-quality petrol water pumps are self-priming. This saves a considerable hassle when using them, cutting out a lot of preparation time. Optional Electric start models make them even more user-friendly.

Petrol water pumps are usually designed to be portable. Most of them come with their own frame and can be carried around in a truck or even on a farm quad bike. Even large heavy portable pumps can be carried around this way. A pump can be brought over to wherever it is needed. Once the work is over, they can be brought back to a warehouse, barn, or the owner’s home for storage and safekeeping. Should the pump break down and need servicing, it can just as easily be transported for repair and maintenance.

Water pumps have applications in several diverse areas. Many of these may not be readily apparent. Some of the common uses for petrol water pumps include the following:

•    Water Transfer: Water pumps are commonly employed to transfer large volumes of water around a property. Water is usually taken from an inlet valve and then transported to remote areas for storage elsewhere or use in various applications.

•    Flood Control: Water pumps provide the ability to control flooding in residential properties and building sites. They can be used to drain out water after any flooding or spillage to quickly remove the water and get the area dry again and minimise damage or disruption of work. When used during a spillage or heavy rainfall, it can prevent water from accumulating and causing any potential damage.

•    Irrigation: Petrol water pumps with sufficient discharge outlets are an excellent option for small farmers with small to medium land holdings. Even for larger farms, such pumps provide options for irrigating scattered and distant fields. Petrol water pumps can be used to spot irrigate fields using nearby dams or other water sources.

•    Construction: Access to steady high-pressure water is important for some construction projects. Petrol water pumps can provide sufficient discharge, even when a site has no access to electricity. Water supply can be in the form of a piped supply or a water tank. A pump with sufficient head can transport water up several floors, and pumps can be used in tandem to transport water even higher.

•    Water Tank Filling: A petrol water pump can transport water to a tank for storage and later use. While any water pump can achieve this, a portable petrol pump can do so in remote locations, or without access to electricity. This can be useful for houses, farms, small industries, construction yards, etc. Petrol water pumps are just as effective at pulling water out of underground tanks, and by extension, some models can pull water up a multi-storey structure as well.

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