Uses and Benefits of Pressure Washers

Posted by mygenerator on May 9th, 2016

Pressure washers are great tools to have around the house or in any workshop. Domestic pressure washers may be electric or run on fuel, either petrol or diesel. Each can have different uses. Most petrol or diesel pressure cleaners are used for commercial cleaning applications. The choice between the different types will largely depend on the requirements and scale of the project for which the washer will be used.

Electric pressure washers are quieter, smaller, and usually have low power output. They are excellent for use around any home, whether in an urban area, the suburbs, or a rural farmhouse. Also used for smaller commercial requirements.

•    They are commonly used for washing vehicles like cars, tractors, boats, trucks, and even small aeroplanes. Tedious domestic chores like cleaning the driveway, pavements, fence, decks, patios, and roofs are made simple with a pressure washer. People can quite enjoy using a pressure washer around the home!
•    They can also clean out barn and stable floors, though the pressure may be insufficient for a commercial animal farm.
•    The jets can be used to clean out mould and mildew. With some care, they can be used to remove unwanted nests and hives.
•    Electric pressure washers can also be used for cooling needs in workshops during metal cutting and other similar processes, though specialised commercial coolers can serve this purpose better depending on the job. But, for a hobbyist’s home workshop, they are effective and economical alternatives.
•    Electric pressure washers are ideal for yard clean up and maintenance. At lower power settings, they do not harm your flora. They provide quick and large discharge compared to a conventional garden hose, and can even reach greater heights to water the canopy of trees. They are cheaper than lawn irrigation systems, and whilst not thought of as a piece of garden equipment, can really help your yard.
•    Electric pressure washer units can also be a very handy item to have around small businesses for cleaning shopfronts, washing smaller hard stand areas, vehicle cleaning and for some specialised electric models, they are perfect for agribusiness and food manufacturing companies.

Fuel powered domestic pressure washers are more serious tools. They are designed for larger tasks that often require more power, higher flow, or extended operating times. These pressure washers can produce jets with extreme power. Hardy commercial fuel powered pressure pumps are even more powerful, and used for the heaviest tasks. Larger electric commercial pressure washers are also available. However, they often run on Three Phase power and like any electric unit, they are restricted by the length of their power chord.

•    Petrol and diesel pressure washers are commonly employed in construction to blast brickwork, strip paint, removing stains on concrete, etc. The ability to operate them in the absence of any electrical supply makes them extremely handy in construction sites.
•    Fuel powered pressure washers find a lot of use in commercial farms. They are commonly used for equipment and vehicle washing. The high-pressure jets can take care of any barn or workshop floor.
•    These washers are frequently employed for construction site uses. They are also particularly useful in large-scale areas like golf courses or sports stadiums.
•    These high-powered pressure washers are commonly found in commercial garages and workshops where the lower pressure or flow of smaller washers hinders speed and productivity.

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