Why Use Phonekhata Instead Of Native Udhar Bahi Khata?

Posted by digichal on January 19th, 2022

Small business owners used to be apprehensive about using a digital khata book. They were afraid that their lack of experience might make them incapable of using technology to run their business effectively. As they started using digital apps such as Digichal, they realized the only way to grow their businesses was to go digital. They also understood that adopting better technology and using a Phone khata app not only saves their time but also helps save them money. Small business owners, especially those with limited resources, often fear investing in technology. 

sale digital udhar khata can change the way they look at technology. They can spend more time reaching out to customers and creating a better experience for them rather than sitting behind a pile of paperwork. In addition to convenience, digital khata can also reap a lot of future results if it turns your Udhar bahi khata business into a digital khata business.

Even for someone who owns a small shop, whether it is a mobile recharge shop, a Kirana store, or even a small paanwala store, they can start with sale digital khata using Phone khata and start their digital journey.

What is Phone khata?

Keeping your accounts online has never been easier. Using a smartphone, anyone with internet access can use this platform. You can save all your sale, udhar and expense information in one place. For example, in a sale digital khata you can enter your daily sales and compare them to the previous day. 

The use of Udhaar is a necessity for every business. Using Phonekhata you can record your udhar transactions too. At the end of the day with the help of the records of your digital sales and digial expense khata you can know the financial health of your business using reports and analysis of your business through the same.

Business owners who want to start using Phonekhata but are not sure, here’s a list of reasons why it is advisable to use a Phonekhata instead of native udhar bahi khata.

Cost effective: Your tax returns don\'t have to be filed by anyone who knows tally or an accountant. It doesn\'t cost money to maintain manual registers or bookkeeping. All the business transactions are stored in digital khata book or Phonekhata.

Time saving: No more spending time in making manual entries. You can store your transactions on your phone in the digital khata book. Retrieving information is also easy. Instead of getting buried in piles of paperwork, Phonekhata helps you keep all your financial records up to date. 

Safe and reliable: Since digital data is stored, you can be assured that it will never be lost or damaged. You can access all your data from anywhere and at any time because it is synced across all of your devices. The sale digital udhar khata keeps your sale and udhar information safe. The reports generated are reliable and helps you study the business health. So no more chances of manual errors.

Easy to use: You do not have to be a technology expert to use the app. All you need is a smart phone and you can enter the business transactions on your own. The digital khata app by Digichal also gives an option to store udhar transactions. The app helps you send automatic payment reminders through digital udhar khata online. It is much easy to get udhar collected without going door to door to collect the payments.

Scale up: With digital khata, transactions are recorded in a business without having to deal with manual paperwork. The businessman has more time to spend on important tasks, such as analyzing the business using reports. You can invest the time and money you save in growing your business. Then you can consider expanding your operations beyond the local area.

No matter how big or small, every business conducts daily financial transactions. Digital khata or Phone khata is available to anyone who owns or operates a business. For example, a bakery, a jewellery or clothing shop, a medical or provision store, etc. Digichal is one of the top digital khata app in India that enables business owners of all sizes to manage their accounting using Phonekhata. 
Their platform provides a convenient way of entering and retrieving sales and Udhaar records. Additionally, their application is extremely safe and reliable. Manually recording accounting transactions is a thing of the past. The time has come to embrace technology.

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