Custom furniture: how much does it cost and where to start?

Posted by Dashflatpoker on January 20th, 2022

Finally, it\'s time to furnish the apartment and, with so many options, it\'s normal to have doubts. Want to know more? Log in and check it out!

 Those who do not give up having everything in place, will surely be enchanted by the planned Custom Furniture. As the name implies, they are custom-made and developed especially for the place where they will be installed.

 This type of solution is a good option to take advantage of every corner of an environment, leaving everything more organized, practical and beautiful.

 In addition to the functional aspect, another great advantage of custom furniture is the immense range of colors and materials, which allows the creation of personalized projects.

 Why make custom furniture?

 • Space optimization

 Undoubtedly, one of the main benefits of planned furniture is the possibility of making better use of spaces. Projects can make environments more functional, organized and provide greater fluidity. But the benefits go far beyond that.

 • Tailored, literally

 As everything is made to measure, the furniture can be produced according to the needs and living habits of the residents.

 There are several details that can be customized, such as the type of opening of the doors and drawers (sliding, tilting or traditional) and the entire interior of the cabinets. Not to mention the diversity of colors and materials available on the market.

• Valuation of the property

 From a commercial point of view, properties that have furniture are generally more valued for rental.

 Where to start?

 Bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, laundry room, terrace or balcony: any space can be furnished with custom cabinets. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the details so that the project is exactly as expected.

 • Define environments

 The first step is to analyze the spaces for installing the furniture. Ask the following questions: What does the furniture need to meet the family\'s needs? How can she make the environments pleasant and beautiful?

 • Have all the information at hand

 After deciding on the environments, comes the furniture details. Start with the broadest ones, like wood type and colors. After all, there are many options and you need to have a scope to start comparing market offers.

 Before starting to search for suppliers, it is important to have a rough idea of ??the measurements (width, height and depth), in order to be able to negotiate the cost.

 Now that you know where the cabinets will be installed and the size, you need to think about the details of the project: the number of doors and the type of opening, the material of the finishes (handles, hinges and glass, for example) and the design.

 To make it easier to organize and find information, you can create a spreadsheet. In it, it is important to consider not only the prices, but also the quality of the materials.

 Is custom furniture expensive?

 Everything that is personalized usually has an added value. But the custom furniture market is very competitive, which helps to bargain the cost and payment options.

 The choice of materials also has a big impact on the final bill. Among the items are the hinges, slides, handles, wood, colors, furniture finish – high gloss, lacquer or matte – and glass doors.

 How to make cheaper choices?

 • Opt for the most common colors

 White furniture is often cheaper than colored or woody options. Because it is more common, the production line is also larger, which influences the price.

 • Cheaper woods

 When it comes to materials that combine affordable price and quality, MDF (medium density fiberboard) is the name of the day.

 Cheaper and easier to work with, this material is very popular for its ease of maintenance and diversity of smooth and woody patterns. However, it is quite fragile and has a shorter lifespan compared to solid wood, for example.

 • Choose simpler pieces

 Currently, there are several options for more affordable materials that do not give up beauty, such as recessed or overlapping handles. Prices vary depending on material and thickness.

 Opting for simpler pieces can be a good idea to reduce the overall cost of the project.

 General tips for buying custom Furniture Made in the USA

 - Do a good search on the internet and social networks. In addition to finding out about the company\'s suitability, visit the showrooms of the brands you pre-select;

 - Before closing the purchase of furniture, have at least three quotes with the same project to compare;

 - Beware of companies that offer warranties of less than five years. This can represent a significant drop in the quality of the furniture you are about to buy;

 - Some companies, even with planned furniture, work with modules. This means that the furniture structures have a standard size and, in this case, they may not fit perfectly into your environment.

 Therefore, check all the measurements to see if the furniture covers the entire desired area.

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