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Every year lakhs of students emigrate from India with an aim to study in different countries to get an experience of international study where different learners choose distinct places for studies. A large proportion of children specifically choose Canada and Australia for further studies because these countries provide comfortable environment to candidates and welcomes students for academic purposes. Immigration to both of these countries have increased over last few decades due to lot of opportunities.

Freedom Worldwide Immigration Consultants (FWIC) strives to provide you best services with a number of success stories for different countries. A lot of students have fulfilled their dreams to study overseas through FWIC. We work to turn your imaginations into reality by providing incredible facilities under a single roof. We have seniors working for you to get your Visa in some simple steps.

Why Canada?

There are numerous reasons for studying in Canada because it offers ample of possibilities to students such as quality of education, research facilities and cultural diversity. It’s a cosmopolitan country inviting students from different backgrounds and providing home like environment. Many candidates choose Canada because it’s a safest place with low delinquency rate and health benefits. This is making Canada a choice of many to choose and FWIC is making this easy and quick with simple steps.

Do you think it’s hard to get Canada study visa? Its quite simple!

Canadian study Permit:

  • Start your procedure by giving Language proficiency test: Canada study visa demands English proficiency exam for getting permitted to study in Canada. This exam tests language proficiency. The band requirement in this test is according to academic profile. The proof of this exam is to be attached while filing other documents.
  • Getting an offer letter: After studying your eligibility, accordingly apply for offer letter. As an acceptance, an offer letter will be issued by Canadian university.
  • Next step is to start with application:  You can immediately start with filing as you get your offer letter provided that there is no criminal record.
  • It is advisable for students to prepare all the documents properly: This includes language proof, letter of acceptance, passport size photographs, passport and proof of financial capability.
  • Appointment of biometrics: Visa application center demands biometrics before granting visa, so it is important to get it done before hand and it charge a nominal fee for getting biometrics.
  • Timing it take for getting permit approved: It usually takes 90 days but sometimes it extends and other time its prior also.

LIFE IN STUDENTS IN CANADA: The best point is that you can earn while working. It offers an environment to students where they can develop their skills and completely transform their life. By getting study visa in Canada, student can easily earn handsome amount of money by working on part time basis.


One of the reasons for studying in Australia is that its high living standard. It has best infrastructure, medical facilities, and economical housing facilities. Moreover, it has top rated universities with makes studying an incredible experience. Students are provided with comfortable environment which makes it easy for them to study and become academically. Like Canada, Australia study visa also permits student with some hours to work part time, so that they can earn for their living. Australia supports international students in terms of educational flexibility. Clearly, it provides students with hundreds of specializations to choose from. If you want your dream come true, connect with FWIC.




  • Language proficiency test: Australian study asks for language proficiency prior applying. There are several tests that test language skills such as PTE, TOEFL, IELTS and so on. The scores of it depends on different universities.
  • Getting CoE: Prior to applying for study permit, it is rudimentary step to get accepted at Australian school. This permission needs to be in the form of writing.
  • Creation of account with immigration authorities: This is an important step where an account is created with name phone number and email address.
  • Collect documents required for visa and complete visa application: These documents need to be in the digital form and then start applying.
  • Pay fee and get TRN number: Now next step is to pay fee online and in response of approval a TRN number is sent along with a receipt.
  • Health checkup, interview and finally getting visa decision.

FWIC: Best Immigration Consultants in Ludhiana


We experience success stories on daily basis and we feel motivated after looking at smiles on their face. Be our next success story. Get assessment of your profile done from senior counsellors. Our staff will always show cooperation and coordination in every aspect.

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