Hapi vs Express | Which Is The Best Framework For You?

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If you\'re a developer or merely a student interested in Node.js frameworks, you\'ll surely come across Hapi and Express. The two most popular Node.js frameworks are these two. However, the question is which of these two frameworks is better or more appropriate for your project. As a result, we\'ll compare and contrast Hapi and Express in great detail today.

We\'ll compare express with Hapi and pick a victor based on a variety of comparison matrices. But before we look at the changes, let\'s have a look at the basics of both Hapi vs Express.

What is Hapi?

Eran Hammer maintains and designed Hapi, an open-source and feature-rich framework built on Node.JS. Hapi is a powerful framework for creating services and apps. Developers may concentrate on building reusable application logic thanks to the framework. Instead of spending time constructing the essential infrastructure, the focus is transferred to business logic code for building apps. Existing code can be reused thanks to the framework.

What is Express?

Express is a well-known and commonly used Node.JS framework. Express is a lightweight framework. To provide many capabilities, you\'ll need to add extra packages. Hapi, on the other hand, comes with a powerful API that delivers numerous features straight out of the box.

Express is a Node. js framework that is quick, necessary, aggressive, and modern. You can consider Express to be a framework layer that sits on top of Node JS. The framework may handle the server as well as its routes. Express comes with a comprehensive collection of capabilities that aid in the development of mobile and online applications.

Direct Comparison Hapi and Express

To begin, Express makes use of middleware to provide access to the request/response pipeline to developers. Node\'s req and res request/response objects are available to developers. To act on requests and responses, an Express application \"chains\" middleware together. Each middleware component performs a single, well-defined task, separating concerns inside the component.

Hapi, on the other hand, employs plugins to expand its features. Plugins are configured in code at runtime. In the case of Hapi, there is a range of Hapi plugins for routing, authentication, logging, and other features. Every Express middleware component usually has a Hapi plugin, putting Express vs Hapi in terms of functionality.

There are several situations where Express requires a middleware to complete a task that Hapi can handle internally. Processing of forms is an excellent example. To put it another way, Hapi parses form data and makes it available on the request object. Express, on the other hand, requires the body-parser middleware to do the same functions.

In the sense that it is less separated from Node, Express is less opinionated than Hapi. Both frameworks are versatile and expandable. Express, on the other hand, \"feels\" more like a native Node application. From Node, Hapi gives greater abstraction. Long-time Node developers may favour Express because of its familiarity, or they may prefer Hapi because of its abstractions.

Hapi js vs Express js— Database support

Express is a simple framework that does not include database integration as one of its primary features and does not encourage the use of any specific database. Simply loading a Node.js driver in the app allows you to connect to a database, whether it\'s MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQL Server, or CouchDB.

MariaDB, MongoDB, SQLite, PostgreSQL, and NoSQL are among the database management systems that Hapi supports. It uses APIs to connect to databases and uses data caching to decrease the payload. Because Hapi is a Node Js framework, it works with a wide range of database systems, including MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, Cassandra, LevelDB, and others.


We just finished discussing Hapi vs Express. We compared the two Node.js frameworks using various parameters and looked at both the Express and Hapi overviews. Both Hapi and Express, in our perspective, are exceptionally powerful frameworks. Both can be excellent choices for backend web development. Nonetheless, Express is more popular than Hapi, as seen by its far larger user base. Hapi, on the other hand, is more secure and faster. Furthermore, if you require any Javascript assistance, you can discuss your requirements with our experts for a prompt response.

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