How Modern Water Technology Helps Us Avoiding Water wastage?

Posted by Shibani Thakur on January 20th, 2022

Accessibility to safe drinking is our basic right but most of the people on earth face the shortage of water. Climate change has also caused some areas to face severe drought. 70% of the earth has water but only 3% among that is pure water. At many houses people have so much water to use that they don\'t realize the importance of it. 

The rising water problem is mostly because of the increasing population, pollution, and depletion of the water table. Most of the households waste a lot of water on a daily basis due to their negligence which must be stopped immediately to save water otherwise there will be no pure water left for our future generation. Water Technology can help us in avoiding water wastage on a daily basis. 

There are several ways the modern water technology can help in solving water wastage issues:

  • Leakage Detection - It is a clear fact that a leaky tap or pipe can waste several liters of water everyday. The dripping pipe or faucet always remains unnoticed. Leaking pipes because of faulty plumbing, sudden bursts in pipe which can happen to any factor such as environmental changes are the second most largest contributor of water wastage worldwide. In order to avoid this, leakage detection systems based on real time data can help in quickly alerting the user regarding any leakages and thus corrective measures can be taken on time. There are several systems for leakage detection available at low cost that can be used to prevent leakages at most of the houses.

  • Proper Distribution Of Water - Distribution of water in society, houses or buildings is a tough and challenging task. The modern technology which provides real time information of demand and supply and consumption patterns of water for a period of time in order to manage the distribution of water. The person who is responsible for water distribution can take the help of data stored. Water level indicator can be of great help while supplying water to consumers. 

  • Control Mechanisms - It is very much necessary to stop the water connection on time in case of any leakages. In case of the leakages the consumer is alerted but there are situations when the consumer is not at the location and is unable to switch off the tap on time to save the wastage of water. So, in that case the water technology can be used to switch off the tap on time. Later the problem  can be looked up once the consumer reaches the home.

  • On Time Alerts - Water technology helps in providing on time alerts regarding the water overflow which saves several liters of water on a daily basis. Water Level Indicator when used in the water tanks can be very effective as it gives the notification to the user when the water level is lower in the tank as well as when the water tanks gets full. This alert can be used to switch off the water motor on time and save water wastage.

In this scenario  when the world is fighting several other problems and the focus has shifted to the healthcare unit. We must work effectively by doing our best for other fields such as water, pollution, etc. We all must take off water consumption at our homes to save water. As each liter saved can be used by someone who doesn\'t even have access to one liter of water. It is a very crucial resource and needs to be saved as we don\'t have any other source of water. Wastage of water needs to be stopped at the earliest. One can take the help of technology for saving water and for avoiding water wastage.

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