As Temperature And Humidity Levels Change, Colour Calibration On Canon’s PRO Ser

Posted by Liz Seyi on January 20th, 2022

Whether you are an inexperienced or seasoned user of a Canon wide-format printer such as one of the acclaimed models from the Japanese brand’s PRO range, it might not always immediately appear to you that the environment your printer is in can affect the standard of the results it produces.
With the winter now firmly upon us, we are – of course – referring to how variations in temperature and humidity can lead to a slight change in colour representation when you are printing.
And even a merely ‘slight’ change can be critical, depending on the applications for which your Canon wide-format printer is being used. This is why we would strongly urge all users of graphics printers – like the PRO 2100, 4100, 4100S, 6100 or 6100S – to colour calibrate their machine in accordance with this colder time of year.

How can you colour calibrate your Canon PRO Series device?
There isn’t exactly a shortage of great reasons to invest in a Canon wide-format printer from the current PRO range. After all, whether you opt for the A1 24” PRO 2100, the 1524mm 60” PRO 6100S, or any model in-between, you can look forward to impressive efficiency, productivity and performance, as assured through such features as these printers’ automated processes, advanced image processing, and intuitive operation.
Some users of these formidable machines, however, might not be aware of the sophisticated and easy-to-use colour calibration feature incorporated into them to compensate for the environmental changes that typically occur with the changing of the seasons.
From the user’s point of view, it’s very straightforward; via your PRO Series printer’s control panel, you simply tap ‘Maintenance’ on the LCD screen, followed by tapping ‘Color Calibration’ and then ‘Auto Adjust’. Finally, you’ll just need to click ‘Yes’ to confirm, and the printer will print a test pattern. The printer sensor then automatically reads the test pattern to instantly set the appropriate colour values for those colour-critical applications.
Within a few minutes, you will be able to get on with your printing with your PRO Series machine, in the knowledge that each successive print from that point on will look as impeccable as the last.
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Are you a user of a Canon wide-format printer such as those from the PRO Series line, or are you on the lookout for a new device for a particular application? Regardless, you are always welcome to reach out to our team, who will be able to advise and guide you as to what moves you should make to ensure you have the right machine in your offices, producing the desired results.
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