Planning to make an Event website?Follow these pro Tips!

Posted by eventify on January 20th, 2022

Planning to make an Event website?Follow these pro Tips!


It just takes 50 milliseconds to form an opinion about a website and decide whether it’s worth spending some time on or not. These 50 milliseconds are really precious for any website owner, especially when you are in the event industry.

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Even today it is believed that event websites are one of the most powerful marketing tools. It is the website of your event that drives a potential attendee towards your event or away from your event.

 Your website is the face of your event on the World Wide Web. Your potential attendees form an opinion about how bad or how good your event could be, by just seeing the website. For every event planner, it is extremely important to put a good amount of effort, thought and creativity in the website.

A good website makes the attendees spend more time on your website and convinces them that your event could be a perfect fit for them. It also shows them an insight of the event without being over the top. It delivers for you the maximum conversions out of all the page visitors.



Your website should be appealing and powerful to make your attendees stay on your page and go through all the aspects you are offering. For this, easy navigation is really important. The website should not be complicated or confusion. It is very important for a website to be self-explanatory and intuitive, so that the attendees do not get tangled while exploring. A complicated interface always reduces conversions.


You need to make sure that your are not putting too many drop down menus, because it looks tacky and will be eating too much space of your website. The transitions from one page to the other should be really smooth and the website should not be too lengthy – since no one likes scrolling and your attendees might miss out on important information.

Also, you should have an easy check-in and check-out procedure. When the attendees would want to register for the event or buy tickets, they should not get lost in the never-ending procedure. It is a golden rule that when you are directing your attendees to purchase tickets or register for the event, it should not take them more than three clicks to reach the page. The more time it takes, the more conversions you will be losing.



There are three important things when you look at the technical aspect of a website. The very first thing is people fail to use their website to its full potential when they just choose to have an event website rather than having both an event website and an event app. You always get the best results out of this app+website integration. Instead of compromising by choosing one of the two, you can integrate both to get better results. You can monetise your sponsors and exhibitors better with this integration.

Second is visibility of your website. In order to get attendees, monetise your exhibitors and sponsors and get engagement your website needs to be visible, outshining your competitors. You must invest your time and effort on SEO. You should make sure your website is appearing in every search of your potential attendees.

Third thing is compatibility of your website. There are many people who prefer phones over computers and laptops. So you need to be sure that the website is compatible with mobile phones as well. The design and interface should be compatible with all screen sizes and it should not look messy on the phones.

And above all is the hosting of the website. You should be hosting your website on a technologically strong platform, who will be able to handle all the traffic coming through its way. You need to be very certain about hosting because you don’t want your website to crash in the peak time, because then the losses will be too high and it would not leave a very good impression on your attendees.



 Websites are one of the best places for marketing. If you have created a great visibility for your website and you have done a great job with SEO, then your target audience automatically comes to you. You get to reach out to a huge number of people through your website and you can take this as a leverage for marketing.

You should put all your strong selling points on your website promoting your exhibitors and sponsors. You need to make sure your landing page has something which grabs the visitor’s attention. You can also put some testimonials from your previous events to show a plausible picture of this year’s event, you can promote your event with the name of your keynote speakers. And if you are organizing your event is in some exciting place like Las Vegas or Paris, then you must put some amazing shots of the city and venue. Because great sessions and amazing views are appeal to all attendees, corporate or otherwise.




Being visually attractive and not being boring is one of the must-have traits of an ideal website. If you are going to fill the website with too much of write ups and information, then no one is going to read it, your efforts go in vain and your attendees get bored. In the past few years websites are concentrating more on the visual aspect as it looks good and does a fine job of providing information and attracting attendees.


You need to have a fine balance between writing text content and having visual content. Don’t go over the top with any of them. You should include images and videos from your previous events instead of the stock pictures of boardroom meetings. Try to be authentic with the images. Put shots of the venue, view and the city. If you are not able to manage the images then go for colourful graphics and illustrations. Illustrations do a great job when it comes to providing information in an interesting manner.


Your website should be sufficient enough to get any information which is necessary for the attendees. It should say everything about the schedule, speakers, sessions, and accommodation. Also, there should be a quick responsive system to answer the queries of the attendees.

One of the most effective ways of providing information to your attendees is through videos. In a recent industry poll, it was revealed that 84% event planners are using videos on their websites for promoting their event. Videos are always more engaging than texts and they allow the attendees to get to know the nature of the event. The videos which play in the background adds a lot to the website. However, you need to make sure it doesn’t affect the speed of the website. And avoid the videos with music as it can be off-putting for many attendees.

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