Importance of Flame/Fire Resistant Jackets

Posted by tarasafe on January 20th, 2022

Flame resistant or Fire resistant clothing, generally abbreviated as FRC, refers to a clothing item that has been manufactured and specifically designed to protect the worker from potential risks of fire, thermal exposure and burns. It is a type of customized uniform worn by professionals working in hazardous industries. FRC falls under the category of personal protective equipment (PPE) and is an essential tool to counter the hazards like flash fire, electric shocks, extreme temperature, combustible dust, electric arc flash and other problems. High-quality FR garments are imperative to provide an optimal degree of protection and lower the risk of injury while working in an unsafe environment.

FR clothing kits are of two types- Flame Resistant and Flame Retardant.

Flame/Fire Resistant: Flame resistant clothing is made from fabrics composed of non-flammable fibres. They are less likely to catch fire when exposed to flames and high temperature. If and when they catch fire, the fabric material resists ignition and is self-extinguishable. This prevents the garment from melting onto the skin of the wearer. The fire resistance component is also such that it can never fade or be washed away.

Flame/Fire Retardant: Flame retardant garments are made from fabrics that are chemically treated to make them fire-resistant in nature. They can self-extinguish when ignited. However, with prolonged usage this type tends to lose some of its functional qualities.

Both, fire-resistant and fire-retardant fabrics prevent the skin from severe burns.

FR Jackets

Flame resistant garments are worn by workers who are constantly exposed to high temperatures and other risks. Industries involved in manufacturing, metalworking, electrical work, and oil and gas, to name a few, require specific FRC clothing according to the degree of risk.

The FR jacket is a professional work-wear that offers extensive protection from potential risks and hazards. They are designed with a strong outer layer that offers protection to withstand harsh and extreme environments. FR jackets also come with thermal insulation to make daily operations easy in cold weather.

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