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Posted by Danyking on May 9th, 2016

It is announced that a new series on Zenimax Online’s Elder Scrolls Online called Inside ESO will come soon. Also there will be additions in the Dark Brotherhood and its PVP changes. Here Safewow simplifies it to help you better understand it. If you need cheap ESO gold to better prepared for it, Safewow is your first and best choice.

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XP rewards, District Captures, and Client-side fixes will be added.

In the upcoming Dark Brotherhood DLC patch, XP rewards to Cyrodiil keeps will be added which grow depending on how much combat occurs at the keep. It is very similar to the Alliance Point functionality for defending or capturing. Also District Captures to Imperial City will be added. Players now can try this out on the PTS now. besides, there will be some client-side fixes to address frame rate drops in large battles as well as some back-end server to address server performance.

How does Imperial City District Capture system work in the Dark Brotherhood?

Each District will have a capture flag which acts as resources around keeps. These flags will be lightly guarded so small groups of any level or solo high-level players can capture them. When players own a District, they can spawn again in that District from a PVP or PVE death. If players don’t own any Districts and die, they will be spawn again in the Sewers. Also possessing a District confers a 33% bonus per District to all Tel Var Stone gains in the Imperial City. That is to say, if players own all 6 Imperial City Districts, they will obtain almost a 200% bonus to their Tel Var Stone gains.

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