Try To Avoid Altering These Features When Renovating An Old House

Posted by Malico Watson on January 20th, 2022

 If you’re about to renovate an old rental property for new tenants, you should try to remodel the house based on the preferences of the latest generation of renters. However, there are a few features worth leaving untouched. If you wish to find out what they are, just continue reading.

If you’re about to renovate an old rental property for new tenants, you should try to remodel the house based on the preferences of the latest generation of renters. It’s the only way of getting the attention of young people in search of a place to stay. However, before hiring a Residential property renovation Milwaukee company, you should take a good look at your property. Old houses often possess specific properties that aren’t worth remodeling. In fact, these features give warmth to the property, and they also tend to exude cozy vibes.

Hardwood floors

So, what are the features of an old house that you should leave untouched? An old property almost always features hardwood floors. If your rental property has floors constructed using hardwood, you should ask your Milwaukee contractors to avoid remodeling them. This point is particularly for people who shy away from construction materials requiring long-term maintenance. You shouldn’t try to remove or cover up your hardwood flooring. The material is attractive enough to win the hearts and minds of prospective tenants while boosting the overall value of your property. You’ll also be able to save a lot of money as you won’t require carpet cleaning.

Exposed mantels and beams

Just like hardwood flooring, if your old rental property has wooden mantels or exposed ceiling beams, you should remove them or paint them. The appearance of natural wood is profoundly appealing to hundreds and thousands of homeowners and renters from all four corners of the world and not just the USA. They have an alluring beauty that can attract just about everyone. You can refinish the wooden mantel or leave the rustic wood beams as they are. In doing so, you’ll create a charming farmhouse-like feel that’ll distinguish your rental property from other houses in the area.

Pocket doors, millwork, and arches

Old houses, particularly the ones constructed before the onset of the twentieth century, often feature unique designs, such as arched doorways, crown molding, medallions, and even pocket doors. Sometimes, these properties also feature trims on the walls and ceilings. Now, you may argue that these elements of property designing aren’t hip with new-age architecture. However, you can surely acknowledge the fact that they can provide an exceptional appearance and vibes. Furthermore, these unique details are making a comeback. Therefore, if your old rental property has these features, you shouldn’t think about getting rid of them.

Stained glass

Stain panels of glass found in older homes can add immeasurable charm. Of course, a lot of people out there consider these glass panes unattractive. Then again, everyone knows that these windows have an all-time classic. That’s why you should definitely consider using the charm of stained glass to your advantage. Colored panes of glass can add light to the darkest corners of a house while preserving the owner’s privacy. You can also think about relocating the stained panes of glass to another part of the property, such as the bathroom window.

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