Know About your Former Existence with Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Posted by ricky26 on May 9th, 2016

It is quoted well that “We are always connected to all the lifetimes we have lived and will live. Past lives are a part of our path, our nature and our heritage”. Past life is the former lifetime where your soul experienced the world in a different physical body at a primitive time period than the present. The physical body and the personality of an individual changes from one lifetime to another but the soul remains the same in all the incarnations. Past life memories often cause distress to an individual as they are generally full of horrific experiences which can even hold back the person from full realization in present lifetime. It might seem impossible to ravel out the past life mysteries of an individual but with help of past life regression hypnosis therapy, one can find out about their past lives.

Past Life Regression is the hypnotic technique that recovers the memories of past life. Past life regression can be said as the autobiography of the everlasting spirit and it is helpful in understanding the person’s character in a better manner. In this process, a person is hypnotized and answers a series of questions. Many people undertake past life regression therapy out of curiosity whereas, some people go for it in order to get over from psychological problems that are caused by emotional traumas experienced in past life and cannot be cured with usual psychotherapy. Past life regressionis beneficial given that it helps oneto heal past life ordeals,boost talent and abilities from former existence, help see personal relationships in a new light, releases fears and anxieties connected with past life traumas. Knowing about past life is an amazing and full-sensory experience and it can help one to restore his/her peace of mind.

If you are someone who is inquisitive to experience your past life, then Rayeleen Gilbert can help you with the same.She is an experienced past life regression the rapist and has gained vast expertise and knowledge by giving positive results to her clients. She is a qualified hypnotherapist who also offers hypnotherapy training courses to those who are enthusiastic about a career in hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy sessions offered by Rayeleen Gilbert are safe and result oriented.

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Rayeleen Gilbert is a prominent hypnotherapist who offers comprehensive hypnotherapy solutions such as past life regression therapy, stress relief hypnosis, smoking cessation therapy and many more .For more details, please visit

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