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Posted by Mangilal Goyal on January 22nd, 2022

Apple Berlin - ComputerButler Berlin\'s Apple IT Service helps businesses, private customers identify the best technology and devices and ensures that their IT solutions are set up correctly.

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Apple IT Service Berlin
Your Apple IT Service: personally on site

Apple and its products have long since found their way into the everyday working lives of many people, even beyond the classic \"Apple milieus\" such as advertising agencies and editorial offices. Where once a computer with a Windows logo had its place for two decades, today an iMac, MacBook Pro or MacBook
Air can increasingly be found at the workplace.

Apple is also a constant in the private sector. Primarily, the iPhone and iPad have helped to inspire new users with each new product generation, who often even become real fans.

With the increasing spread of iMacs and MacBooks, the need for IT services around the products from California is also growing. Almost every company, regardless of the industry in which it operates, is urgently dependent on a functioning IT infrastructure. Especially small and medium-sized companies that do not have the workforce to solve every IT challenge themselves are looking locally for experts who offer IT services and solutions for Apple products.

ComputerButler Berlin\'s Apple IT Service helps businesses and private customers identify the best technology and devices and ensures that their IT solutions are set up correctly, configured individually and kept functional.

ComputerButler as manager of your Apple IT landscape

There is a general trend for companies to engage external experts to set up and support their IT systems. Compared to setting up an in-house department with a similar workforce and such in-depth expertise, engaging external IT specialists to assist them 24/7 is the more cost-effective and effective alternative for many small and medium-sized enterprises. For private individuals and freelancers, mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, but also the MacBook have become indispensable companions in everyday life. Failures or losses of the technical helpers can significantly increase the stress level. It\'s good to have a fast-acting partner at hand who can provide support with a replacement device, a repair or a data recovery.

Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro

For almost every business process and every communication channel, the availability of IT systems is elementary nowadays. To ensure the most complete functionality of your Apple IT landscape, ComputerButler Berlin always coordinates the ideal way of support with you. In many cases, remote support is the ideal way to localize the source of the error and fix it directly. In this case, one of our Apple experts directly accesses the computer (client) concerned, provided that you have given your prior consent. In cases where the presence of the IT expert on site is not necessary, the remote access represents a fast and direct help, which saves time and costs for both sides.

Inventory analysis as a basis for planning security and effective use

Do you know which employee or department uses which software and hardware, what the software update status is and which licenses are about to expire? Increasingly complex processes make a larger number of programs necessary, which require regular updates to ensure functionality and maximum security. But by far not every update serves the stability and function of software. ComputerButler Berlin is happy to support you so that you and your employees can concentrate on your daily business.

The inventory of the hardware and software used in your company should form the basis of a cooperation with a reliable Apple IT Service. The results of this analysis form a solid basis for determining the budget on the one hand and the maturity level of digitisation in the company on the other. Through license management, we create planning and legal certainty for you. The latter becomes even more important when cloud solutions and Software as a Service (SaaS) are used in addition to locally installed software products. ComputerButler oversees the complexity of the software solutions used for you and takes over their active management.

Computer Butler as your IT security chief

The so-called Managed Services also include protection against viruses, malware, phishing and other possible attacks on the sensitive areas of your IT. Defensive measures against viruses have now become increasingly necessary for Mac users as well. Even though Apple products still have an advantage in terms of vulnerability, the general increase in virus attacks has now also produced some Mac-specific viruses. With ComputerButler you have a discreet service provider at your side in Berlin, who cares about the protection of his clients. By means of Mac-specific prophylactic and immediate countermeasures, we take uncompromising action against possible and actual attacks on your IT.

Management of Apple mobile devices

With well over a million apps, it\'s a challenge to get an overview of the market of apps and extensions for their Macs, IPads, account managers\' iPhones, etc. ComputerButler shares with you the expertise with apps that are
can actually facilitate your and your employees\' everyday work and make the use of macOS and iOS more natural and efficient. For us, the management of mobile devices is an increasingly important task. The centralized management of your employees\' mobile devices has gone from being an addition to our range of services in Berlin to a core security-relevant task. From visitors and employees logging into your wi-fi with their private smartphones to the allowed private use of company mobile phones, these recent developments, mostly used as incentives, pose an additional security risk to corporate networks.

We are happy to help you develop and establish security policies that will continue to provide secure access to your corporate network.

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