Phosphate Industry Procurement Intelligence And Drivers 2020-2027

Posted by Manisha S on January 25th, 2022

The global phosphate market was valued at USD 72 billion in 2020 and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2% from 2020 to 2027 majorly due to the rising demand for ammonium phosphate, from the manufacturing market. APAC is leading the global phosphate market with more than 40% share followed by Europe and North America. As agriculture is a core constituent of the economy in APAC countries like India China, these countries are responsible for generating high demand for phosphate and related products for the last five years. For instance, India is one of the leading countries, with more than 25% of world imports for natural calcium phosphates and natural aluminum calcium phosphates. In terms of applications, the phosphate fertilizer segment is expected to have the highest growth rate in APAC countries due to increase in agricultural spending and growing demand.

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Phosphate is one of the most common elements mined primarily from phosphate rock. It is a chemical derivative of phosphoric acid and the majority of its global production is absorbed by fertilizer manufacturing industries in the booming agricultural sector. One metric ton of phosphate rock can produce more than 100 metric tons of phosphate granules. Phosphates can be segmented into the following categories:

  • Orthophosphates: These are found naturally in the environment and in water, but are also artificially added to fertilizers. In swimming pools, orthophosphates are the most prevalent of all types of phosphates.
  • Condensed phosphates: This type of phosphates contain salts, metals or minerals like calcium.
  • Organophosphates: These are organic phosphates (esters of phosphoric acid). Organophosphates are a key ingredient in more than 50% of all pesticides.
  • Inorganic phosphates: Inorganic phosphates are majorly deals with water treatment bsuniesses.

Cost Drivers

Phosphate rock is the most important feedstock of phosphate production. It is the major cost driver of overall production cost. The cost of phosphate rock accounted for more than 50% of the one-unit phosphate production. In the last two years, the price of phosphate rock fluctuate significantly majorly due to supply-demand disruption during Covid-19. The price of phosphate rock has witnessed a gradual decrease over the last ten years. However, it is expected to increase moderately during the forecast period.

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The covid-19 pandemic proves to be a major challenge in global phosphate production in 2020. As the fertilizer industry is the leading consumer of phosphate, any change in demand would directly affect phosphate production. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the fertilizer industry utilization rate has dropped by about 30-40% YoY. Furthermore, China, the leading producer of phosphate, were forced to reduce di-ammonium phosphate prices as India and Pakistan, the major importers of Chinese phosphate fertilizer, continue to reduce imports, due to their high inventories.

Some of the key phosphate suppliers are:

  • The Mosaic Company
  • Nutrien Ltd
  • EuroChem Group
  • Innophos
  • PhosAgro Group of Companies
  • Ma’aden
  • Incitec Pivot limited
  • Fertoz Agriculture Pty Ltd
  • Koch Fertilizer, LLC.
  • Mississippi Phosphates Corporation
  • Jordan Phosphate Mines

The global phosphate industry features a moderately fragmented landscape with industry leaders contributing less than 20% of the phosphate industry share. Leading suppliers are strengthening their presence through multiple mergers and acquisitions.

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