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Posted by Smauel on January 25th, 2022

Managing remote employees could be tough for you as a business owner if not done through a set procedure. And as a worker, working remotely can have difficult moments. Remote work needs a high understanding of the remote work tools that assist you in getting the job done, and it is essential to use these tools with your employees or customers.

This article will help you to figure out which apps are required to work efficiently from a remote location. Yet, it is vital to have team collaboration to be effectively productive and grow even bigger. 

Plus, if you are looking to find professional and experienced remote employees, come to  Worktually; it is a platform where you are able to hire a remote employee in a simplified manner.

But now, let us discuss what are the tools that will assist you in being productive in remote work? However, let\'s first define what remote work software is.


To define; Remote Job software?

Remote work software is created to assist the people working remotely. And this remote working software can contain communication and network systems like video chat applications, messaging tools, cloud storage, task and project management systems, remote team management applications, etc.

Yet, it is necessary that the remote software has a broad range of integrations with other tools and is easy to use for other team members to enable remote collaboration. The inclusion of new workers should be seamless with good remote working software.

And the Worktully remote software platform can help you find remote employees, remote employee management, and secure transactions.

  Why Choose To Work Virtually?

If you are wondering why to choose remote work, here are several reasons to help you: 

  • Setting your working agenda.

  • Ease of being at home.

  • Opportunity to travel more.

  • Less anxiety.

  • Adequate time management for personal life.

  • More satisfying.

Moreover, many other benefits that you can get by initiating your work remotely or hiring remote employees.

It will allow you to connect with more talented people around the world, and they can bring up unique ideas for your business growth.

Now you must have these applications that will be like your hand and your fingers to manage your business remotely. 

The Toolkit For Remote Work:

Different types of remote work software can assist virtual work, and here will discuss them widely from the apps and platform on your desktop top to your phone. 

Desktop Software. 

Several apps can connect you to all your remote employee\'s computers at different locations and securely. These apps permit easy connections and troubleshoot problems from where you are. 

But these apps need some experts in IT to connect and set up the remote access with a remote desktop client if you are Microsoft\'s user and remote desktop if you are an Apple user.

Plus, some apps work perfectly in all operating systems like Teamviewer and Chrome remote desktop. The first qualifies you to share screen and remote access, the latter is used to access files and troubleshoot faster, and it\'s considered simpler. 

Chat And Video Apps

When working remotely, you\'ll require a way to chat with your team asynchronously instead of setting up a time for a call whenever you have a question. 

You could use email; however, that\'s not a significant way to have a regular, human discussion. And the apps that could assist you in this area are Google Chat, Skype, and Slack.  

And for video conferencing applications, there is a variety that allows sharing new ideas or talking with new clients efficiently and easily, like Zoom, Microsoft team, Slack, Apple FaceTime, and Skype. 


Management Software

Management software is the most essential for remote working. It assists in setting the task you need to finish each day to time manage the workflow. And these applications are Jira, Trello, Airtable, and Project management. So, find out what suits your work and looks easy to utilize. 

Cloud Storage 

By going remote, you need to shift all your needed documents and files to cloud storage. To save these files or to share them with your employees or clients if required. 

And you can access your files from your desktop or phone. This ensures that any changes are deployed instantly. 

Security Tools

Security tools and software are some of the most required things at establishing a remote workspace since online work has its downside with hacking. 

By establishing a file and disk encryption app, password manager, online backup, password manager, and two-factor authentication by having all these set up for virtual workspace you will be secure and safe from any attacks. 

Your Take-Aways, 

Going virtual requires a lot of setups and mindset because if you freelancing you are responsible for one of your time and the project delivery. 

But, If you are the business owner and you have a remote employee you need to give extra work to maintain them, schedule the tasks, and see how they are working with remote work software. And one of the best things you can do is hire personal assistants to get this work done for you.

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