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Posted by Miami Exotic Animals on January 25th, 2022

If you happen to be an animal enthusiast, then you are really required to visit Miami zoo for all the right reasons. Miami zoo is regarded as the oldest and largest Zoo in Florida. It is also the fifth largest Zoo in whole of USA. This place is reputed for having different kinds of wild and exotic animals from around the world.

More about Miami Zoo

You are really supposed to exotic animal zoo Miamias this is a great place to visit. This zoo has a vast area of 720 acres. The gigantic kingdom of this zoo happens to have around 500 various species of animals totalling 3000 animals to say the least. On top of that, there are 40 different species of endangered species are there. On the other hand, exotic animal zoo Miami has also the tag of a botanical garden which is a house of thousands of unique species of plants and trees.

The soil, foliage and atmosphere of the zoo are suitable for all the animals that are living here. Few of the features of this zoo are described below.

  • Cage-free policy

Do you wish to interact with different exotic animals in their natural habitat? Then you have to come to this exotic animal zoo. This zoo in Miami has removed the bars and other hindrance to let the animals roam free like that in a sanctuary. This is why the place has become a peaceful and natural habitat for all the animals living here. You can thus experience wide range of exotic animals, birds and reptiles from close.

  • Variety of animals

If you wish to see Miami Exotic Animals then you must visit this zoo. This place happens to have all types of animals, reptiles, birds, mammals and amphibians etc. There are Lions, Chimpanzees, Giant River Otters, Jaguars, Orang-utans, African or Asian elephant, American Flamingos, Zebra, Green Anaconda, Ostrich, and Eyelash Viper etc. The zoo authority perfectly takes care of grouping such different animals to make them co-exist in the best way possible.

  • Feeding the animals

Food is the religion for animals. Whether you hire animals for party Miami or bring animals for other reason, you have to feed them well as well. In this zoo, different animal has different feeding time. If the visitors wish to feed the animals, then they are supposed to be charged. The visitors can really have an amazing feeding experience. If you want to feed the giraffe, then you have to climb up a wooden platform in the zoo. On the other hand, in regarding feeding one-horned Indian rhino, it comes to you to get the food from you. You as a visitor are to make sure that the food is of good quality. The health and hygiene of all the animals residing in the zoo is a top priority to say the least.

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