5 Ways a Customer Portal Can Enhance Your Customer Service

Posted by CRMJetty on January 26th, 2022

As a business owner, you need to remember that what your customer doesn\'t have is extra time. So if your customers can\'t reach you quickly for their queries, they will be highly disappointed. Nowadays, it has become necessary for businesses to offer a customer service portal. Research shows that 88% of customers expect brands to have a customer service portal, no wonder the usage of customer portals is escalating at rocket speed.

A customer portal is like a one-stop-shop to manage all your customer services. Want to enhance your customer service performance? Here are some ways that will convince you to get a customer portal for your business.

Boosts Agents’ Productivity

Agent’s productivity has a significant impact on customer service. Agents who understand the customer’s query from the start and provide the exact solution will have a satisfied customer. Better the customer service you deliver, more the repeat customers your business will have. And for that, it is necessary to make customers feel valued.

Agent\'s productivity is usually compromised due to the challenges they face. They have to navigate between tonnes of records daily to solve customer issues. It develops click fatigue in your agents. Agents copy-paste the email signatures, text, or replies they frequently use. Also, repetitive chores like email responses, field updates, etc., occupy them for most of the day. It leaves them no time to focus or strengthen their core abilities to improve customer service.

The right tool will help agents to resolve queries faster and more efficiently. It automates repetitive tasks and provides valuable information at your fingertips. It offers a unified dashboard view. With that, the agents can access all information of customer queries on the same screen. It saves agents’ time from scrolling and clicking through multiple records. 

Personalized User Experience

As discussed above, using a wise portal saves a lot of agent time. It allows them to spend one-on-one time with customers and resolve complex and urgent issues. This personalized attention makes customers feel valued.

You can personalize your customer experience even more by integrating your customer portal with CRM and ticketing systems. So based on customer history, agents can offer personalized recommendations.

Provides Secure Environment

Nowadays, companies use advanced security features such as encryption for customer portal development. It makes it safe for customers to upload and access confidential information. It will add a layer of security to your existing security systems.

If your business requires online payments, customer portals offer secure payment gateways. Using it, your customers can make payments via credit/debit cards, wallets, etc. Building a secure environment for your customers to share sensitive information will help build a brand image.

Strong Feedback Loop

Building a feedback loop is one of the most popular use cases. The portal makes it easy to take feedback in the form of scores, stars, surveys, product reviews, and comments. You can use this feedback to improve existing services and products.

You can also take learnings from the type of queries you get. For example, if you get the majority of queries even after offering the knowledge base to your customers, you need to update your knowledge base with vital information. Thus, analyzing the categories of queries will help you improve your service quality.

Enhances Overall Engagement

To build brand value, both customers and agents should engage with the product/service. It is possible with customer portals. Be it one-on-one customer interactions or providing helpful resources in the form of videos, knowledge base articles and blogs, or other helpful content. You can also add a customer community forum to your customer portal to increase customer-brand engagement. It will allow your customers to interact with other community members and discuss your brand.


Ready to have your customer portal? Businesses built with the aim to give the best customer experience to their customers go a long way. There are various portals available in the market with different functionalities. If you want to customize according to your workflow, companies also provide Custom portal development. We hope this article helps you to give your customers the best customer experience with customer portals.

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