Alfa Chemistry Now Offers Pharmaceutical and Drug Standards

Posted by Tylor on January 27th, 2022

Uniquely positioned to be a dedicated player in the analytical testing industry, Alfa Chemistry supplies a full range of analytical reagents. Today it announces to add pharmaceutical and drug standards to its already rich offering of chromatography standards. After this move, researchers can now easily have access to certified reference materials, environmental standards, food & beverage standards, forensic and veterinary standards, life sciences standards, petrochemical standards and more such reagents.

It is essential to determine the purity, formula, and dosage of each drug product, thus the use of standard analytical products for comparison can greatly improve the efficiency of drug research and development. The pharmaceutical and drug standards provided by Alfa Chemistry have advantages like high purity and stable quality, and COA will be delivered to clients together with the products they purchased.

The newly added pharmaceutical and drug standards at Alfa Chemistry can be classified into the following sub-types:


Drugs & Metabolites

The drug and metabolite standards, for example, (±)-Propranolol-(isopropyl-d7) hydrochloride (CAS 1613439-56-7), are generally used as analytical reference materials to study drug metabolism.

Herbal Medicinal Products Standards

Herbal standard reagents that meet chromatographic standards and standards for pharmaceutical and drugs also play a vital role in the research and production of APIs and dietary supplements. Some of the herbal standard medicinal standards provided by Alfa Chemistry are: Benzyl alcohol (CAS 100-51-6), trans-Piceatannol (CAS 10083-24-6), I3,II8-Biapigenin (CAS 101140-06-1), Nevadensin (CAS 10176-66-6), Naringin (CAS 10236-47-2), Huperzine A (CAS 102518-79-6), Mulberroside A (CAS 102841-42-9), (1R)-(−)-Camphorquinone (CAS 10334-26-6), Salidroside (CAS 10338-51-9), Phyllanthin (CAS 10351-88-9), Huperzine B (CAS 103548-82-9), Procyanidin A1 (CAS 103883-03-0), Phellodendrine chloride (CAS 104112-82-5), Iriflophenone 3-C-β-D-glucopyranoside (CAS 104669-02-5), Plantamajoside (CAS 104777-68-6), and Oenothein B (CAS 104987-36-2).

Organic Soluble Polymers Analytical Standards

The most commonly used organic soluble polymer analytical standards include polystyrene analytical standard, vinyl chloride analytical standard, diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP) analytical standard and others.

Pharmaceutical Impurities Certified Reference Materials

The pharmaceutical impurities certified reference materials that are frequently used include: acetaminophen impurities, aspirin (acetylsalicyclic acid) impurities, diphenhydramine hydrochloride impurities, lidocaine impurities, paracetamol (acetaminophen) impurities, naproxen impurities and others.

Pharmacopeia & Metrological Institutes Standards

Some of the pharmacopeia & metrological institutes standards provided by Alfa Chemistry are: R-Ofloxacin (CAS 100986-86-5), Levofloxacin Related Compound B (100986-89-8), Calcium sulfate (CAS 10101-41-4), Sodium thiosulfate (CAS 10102-17-7), Triclocarban (CAS 101-20-2), 3,4,4\' Trichlorocarbanilide (CAS 101-20-2 ), etc.

Reagent Residues Analytical Standards

The most commonly used reagent residues analytical standards include benzene, chloroform, dioxane, ethylene oxide, dichloromethane, trichloroethylene, acetonitrile, pyridine, toluene and others. To name just a few here:3-Acetamidophenol (CAS 621-42-1), Triphenylphosphine oxide (CAS 791-28-6), 4-Chlorobenzyl alcohol (CAS 873-76-7), and p-Toluic acid (CAS 99-94-5).

Water Soluble Polymers Analytical Standards

Generally, the water soluble polymer analytical standards are powders or crystals. The most commonly used of this type include dextran, poly (acrylic acid sodium salt), poly (ethylene glycol), pullulan and others. To name just a few here: Poly(methacrylic acid sodium salt) (CAS 25086-62-8), Poly(acrylic acid sodium salt) (CAS 9003-04-7), and Poly(styrenesulfonic acid sodium salt) (CAS 9080-79-9).

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Alfa Chemistry provides a wide range of reliable, precise and fast analytical testing services for clients across the globe who have testing needs for their materials and products. With experience and expertise, the company is fully aware of the challenges facing analytical testing today, and as an innovator, it constantly optimize its product lines to maximize its role in the science community.

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