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Posted by Liz Seyi on January 28th, 2022

Let’s be honest… January isn’t always the most positive time for many of us. We might be dragging ourselves back to work after a well-earned festive break, it’s grey and drizzly outside, and you may be feeling an understandable sense of post-Christmas comedown.
These factors, though, are also precisely why it can be such an excellent idea to create your own inspiration – and as with so many other things, it can start in the home.
We aren’t referring here to getting your ‘spring cleaning’ done early – although you will, of course, probably be taking down the Christmas tree and clearing away the last of the gift wrapping during the early weeks of 2022. No, what we’re talking about is getting yourself excited about life in your abode again, at the time of year when this may seem most difficult.
Take away everything unnecessary and start afresh
Beyond those leftover empty boxes or the wreath on the door, there’s a lot that you can remove or clear away right now to give your home’s spaces the feel of a ‘blank canvas’.
Your life may become extremely busy at work as 2022 wears on, so the present moment could be a great time to ‘strip back’ a lot of things and, dare we say it, leave your living room, kitchen and other domestic spaces looking a bit bare and boring. That’s fine; it’ll give you ‘room’ to assess how you really use your home, and what you really do and don’t need in your various living spaces.
Restyle with those short days and cold nights in mind
January probably ranks low for most of us when it comes to months we find ‘inspiring’… but that doesn’t have to be the case. For now, don’t think quite so much about how you may wish to use your home during the spring and summer, which will feel like a long time away right now.
Instead, think about how you can refashion your home specifically to make it a pleasanter place to be amid January weather conditions and stresses. A lot of us at this time of year, for instance, yearn for warmth and light. So, consider how you can rejig your current lighting arrangements, and maybe help yourself to something from our ranges of scented candles or lanterns.
Add homeware items that are both good-looking and practical
Speaking of our own collections here at Zawzor, we’ve long been known for our functional and stylish home décor pieces encompassing the likes of barware and cocktail tools, bookends, dining centrepieces, serving bowls, and much more.
Of course, we aren’t suggesting here that you add items to your abode for the sake of it; you may have spent enough time and energy battling against excessive clutter already.
What we’re suggesting instead, is looking for pieces that tie in well with whatever aesthetic theme you may have already decided on for your home’s rooms, while maximising day-to-day convenience this January – ranging from cheese accessories to multi-purpose holders. Don’t forget the free delivery we offer to UK addresses, too.
If you’re serious about ‘New Year, new you’, ensuring your home communicates all the right vibes and makes your life easier will be integral to achieving that. So, whether you’re in the market for stylish home décor items or all manner of other great-value products for everyday life, it’s well worth having a browse of our online shopping channel this winter.


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