Best Food for Train Journey: Order Mouth-watering Pizza In Train

Posted by Manish Chandra on January 28th, 2022

Are you wishing to have Pizza on Train? How can you resist the crispy crusts paired with an exciting mix of ingredients topped with gooey cheese while travelling by Railways if you can easily get it? Yes, the RailRestro app makes your dream come true.

Now getting the delivery of pizza on the train is no more a thing of imagination. You can choose to order pizza on train with train food order apps like RailRestro and RailMitra that serve amazing varieties of pizza to passengers on their berth. Relishing your favourite morsels of Pizza in train is only a click away. Check out how!

Order Pizza in Train

It\'s time for ordering pizza in trains! Yes, you read that correctly! All IRCTC passengers can now enjoy the adorable pizzas. The best part is that IRCTC has simplified pizza delivery on the train with its reputed e-catering partner, RailRestro.

Pizza is a food that is always served fresh and hot, RailRestro takes care of this when delivering food on the train. The delivery of the pizza comes to you with an assurance that it has been prepared by the best chefs from the finest restaurants under the hygienic and immaculately clean environs. Read further to learn what makes the Pizza so special.

Why Pizza is the Best Food for Train Journeys?

There are numerous reasons for which people prefer to order pizza in train. The person or a group of people can order and enjoy the hot delicious pizza at their berth while travelling.

With Pizza Delivery in train services, passengers can order the pizza either online via RailRestro e-catering website, or app. They can also call the phone number 8102202203 to place an order. Apart from this, they can make a bulk Pizza order for a group of friends, family and colleagues travelling on the train. Read on to learn why pizza is the best food for a train journey:

  1. Perfect Meal for any time of the day

    Pizza is the only dish that can be devoured at any time of day. Whether it\'s breakfast or lunch, pizza can easily pacify your hunger. It tastes like heaven. You can think of enjoying this classic meal as a versatile option for every food aspiration.

  2. Party-Saver

    Yes, it is Party-Saver food! When you decide to order some food for a celebration like a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion with large or small groups of people, Pizza is something that would elevate the excitement during the long hours of the trip. So, no more tension about what to have for a party on the train as long as pizza is on the menu.

    Got a lot of people with you? Check out RailRestro\'s delicious pizzas menu and keep your gang fed!

  3. Tasty with good Combinations of veggies

    Pizza is one of the best dishes that offers nearly all types of toppings like chicken chunks, corn, tomatoes, paneer, sausages, etc. Every pizza topping is a unique combination to try out.

  4. Kids-loving food

    Pizza is, of course, a favourite children\'s cuisine. Whenever your kids desire some deliciousness, serve them with their favourite meals. Without making healthy food dull, order pizza on train accompanied by the goodness of vegetables. Pizza comes with a variety of toppings and thus it is quite high in terms of nutritional value. Kids seem to love Pizza a lot, and they will not bother to munch it over other snacks after having their favourite food on the train.

  5. Comfort food for all

    With some modification in the ingredients, pizza can be made to titillate anyone: vegetarians, non-vegetarians and gluten-free eaters. There are no words to express the unconditional love for pizza. It is not only a dish that gratifies hunger, but the satisfaction it provides to our taste buds is simply out of this world.

  6. Avoid messiness

    Avoids etiquette of the messy food, it is considered to be helping in the habits, along with the elimination of the messy practices of food. The delivery of the pizza comes in proper packaging with suitable wipes, making it quite easier for the people travelling in trains.

So, you\'ve probably figured out why pizza is best for a journey. You can now order pizza while on the train by using the RailRestro App. If you\'re wondering how to order pizza on train, keep reading to find out.

Varieties of Pizzas Available in the Train Menu

With so many amazing options and varieties, this is why pizza is best for a journey.

Multigrain Pizza

Good food is an amalgamation of delectable flavours and nutritious ingredients. With a multi-grain base, your favourite pizza gets a better and healthier makeover. Place an order for multigrain pizza on trains and indulge guilt-free!

Chicken Pizza

It has a delicious base topped with cheese, onion, garlic sauce and mouthwatering chunks of chicken. Delve into the juiciness of meaty chicken chunks encased in gooey cheesiness.

Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza is the all-time favourite pizza! Margherita Pizza is made with red (tomato), loads of mozzarella cheese and green basil. This classic pizza is truly bliss.

Paneer Pizza

A captivating mouth-watering pizza is sure to tantalize your taste buds. It is the best option for vegetarians.

Vegetarian Pizza

Fresh vegetables integrate to create a succulent symphony for your sense of taste. Loads and loads of variety and flavour unity, paired with unrivalled cheesiness, heavenly indeed! This unique vegetarian pizza recipe will appeal to both children and adults.

Mushroom Pizza

Order Mushroom Pizza on train to gorge on these cheesy delight topped with mushrooms, corn, and cheese. These are surefire crowd pleasers!

RailRestro Delivers Perfect Pizza On Train

Since its launch, RailRestro has been already earning a reputation among the passengers travelling through Indian Railways for being an excellent supplier of snacks, beverages and food as well. The entreat and a never-ending craving for pizza while travelling by train ends with RailRestro.

From veg to non-veg pizza, the RailRestro never fails to make passengers\' dining experiences memorable. Want to eat pizza but don\'t want to pay a lot of money? So, you can check out amazing discounts and cashback offers available on the RailRestro app.

The major objective of the app is to make sure that there is ease and convenience regarding the availability of the great choice of food prepared in a hygienically safe kitchen. Extensive research has been done to develop comprehensive items of the menu, along with the empanelled suppliers for making the experience of the food an extraordinary one, full of compliments with an ordering system, which is user-friendly and convenient as well.

Apart from pizza, there is a diversity of cuisines to choose from, including South Indian, North Indian, Hyderabad, Mughlai, Chinese, Continental, Italian, Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian, along with soft drinks. Go through the menu now to be awestruck.

You can track your food in real-time, ensuring that fresh food is made available to the passengers. You have the choice of making the payments online after placing the order, or you can opt for cash on delivery too.

How to Order Pizza in Train Online?

  • Just enter the PNR number provided to you during the ticket booking process.
  • Now select the restaurants that sell pizza from the list of the trusted vendors and add the pizza to your cart as per your desire.
  • Now proceed to payment. You have the option of making the payment of cash on delivery and also can make the payment online. RailRestro takes the best care in making the process of the payment super safe for the protection of privacy.
  • Get your fresh, delicious pizza served hot at your seat.

If you are finished with the processing of ordering your food and would like to check about the status of your food and would like to change the preferences of your toppings over the Pizza, RailRestro seems to be just a call away. The representative of RailRestro will be following up over the orders and assisting you within the procedure of ordering as well when required.

Final Words

Now you can enjoy your pizza in train and make your journey much more favourable. All you need to do is to order pizza with RailRestro and enjoy the trip. This train food delivery service will satisfy your hunger and provide you with a pleasant journey.

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