ABC of Esthetics Course & Requisition Plus Earning

Posted by Academy of Hair Technology on January 28th, 2022

Having a passion for beauty and making people beautiful with soft and bubbly skin gets worth it if you can shine and earn following your passion. Everyone is not that lucky to shine and earn at the same time counting fully on his or her passion. But, you can be the lucky one to turn your passion into a profession if you take admission to an accredited esthetician institute near me

Requisitions to Take Admission

It is time to inquire who can or who is eligible to take admission in the esthetician course in Greenville, South Carolina. Let us know,

  • A candidate should be 16 years old
  • He or she has a high school diploma or GED
  • He or she can provide a valid photo ID to establish identification
  • He/she must have a social security card to prove the citizenship
  • He or she needs to sit for a preliminary exam (aptitude test) if the institute seeks for
  • He or she must pass the drug screening test

Though, each state in the USA does not follow the same rules to accept the candidature of an entrant. Some of the states approve 8th-grade education to take admission in a basic esthetics course. Every student needs to check the requirements before taking admission to the specific esthetician institute near me to evade confusion.

Course Duration

One more thing, every student needs to complete 450 hrs to get a degree in esthetics course. But, many institutes offer the 600-hrs course as they believe this period is necessary to master the skills to be an esthetician.  Students are required to attend 99% of classes to complete the course successfully. Each esthetician institute offers theory-based classes along with practical classes where students get the opportunity to participate in real-time works to gather knowledge. There are many institutes of esthetics courses that run student-operated salons or spas that students can get hands-on experience before entering into the professional esthetics industry.

Cost of Program

The cost of an esthetics program varies from institute to institute. Though, the cost remains between 00 to 000 according to sources. There are so many things that make difference in the course fee. Let us have a look,

  1. The course structure and its length
  2. Location
  3. Faculty of the institute or school
  4. Training hours in the state
  5. Percentage of attendance
  6. Study materials provided during the course
  7. Equipment cost if the equipment is included in the course fee structure
  8. Registration fee
  9. License fee

There or thereabouts, the things remain the same while a candidate takes admission in esthetics course near me school or institution.


The main thing every individual thinks of while preparing to join a course. In general, an esthetician earns on average per hour. The medical or nurse estheticians make more than estheticians who work in the beauty or hospitality industry.


So, individuals who are thinking of entering the world of esthetics in South Carolina can earn a huge after successful completion of the esthetics course. Make sure to have the license to get better jobs or earn a lot in SC.

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