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Posted by kuraraypovalin on January 31st, 2022

I believe PVC is too good of a threat to take.

PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride, is produced from the polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), a poisonous, carcinogenic gas. It\'s a durable, economical material with many uses. Seventy-five percent of PVC consumption in North America is credited to plastic pipes. PVC suspending agent can also be used as a membrane to pay flat roofs, also appears to the average individual to look precisely like TPO membrane.

What are the dangers related to PVC?

Research demonstrates that dioxin that is the most potent carcinogen known to science, together with plastic sheeting and specific acids are generated and published through the production of PVC (water soluble support material). These compounds can cause severe health issues for example:


neurological harm

immune system harm

respiratory difficulties

kidney and liver failure

congenital disabilities


All these are issues which the general public and roofing contractors have a right to learn about water-soluble support material.

My Narrative

About 12 decades back, PVC was the critical stuff we used in our apartment roofing branch here at Brady Roofing. After we started installing PVC, I began to experience health issues. I\'ve been healthy my whole life, so when these problems came on so suddenly, it made me wonder about the protection of PVC membrane. This directed me to do some significant study on the substance. I discovered that producers know that PVC membrane is quite poisonous, but they were concealing these details from me throughout our discussions.

My private health issues included severe respiratory difficulties and neurological harm. The neurological complications are now getting worse, even though I install PVC. I don\'t wish to enter my health issues also profoundly, but merely to illustrate my left the lower body is undergoing slow atrophy of the muscles because of neurological damage. My left wing is now 1.25 inches bigger in circumference than my best. While I don\'t have any evidence, I firmly believe it\'s brought on by breathing the toxins within PVC membrane. I don\'t have any genetic predisposition for these neurological troubles.

I approached our PVC maker concerning the matter. They told me that there wasn\'t any study to support my claims. The producers can claim they\'re not relevant as these studies are done on the creation of PVC instead of the installment dangers. However, when you put in PVC, you use warm air around 1300 degrees F to melt down the membrane and secure it. Since the layer melts, it may feel as if you\'re breathing ammonia. The atmosphere can burn off your sinuses, demonstrating the existence of harmful substances being discharged, as they are throughout creation. Manufacturers won\'t provide this advice to consumers and contractors

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