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Posted by accolac99 on May 10th, 2016

Monkey Madness II possesses released on May 6, 2016. As a RS admirer, have you reached this Quest Requirement and begun to overcome the grandmaster journey in OSRS?

How can you begin Monkey Madness 2 along with 07 RS gold?
Firstly, you need to have each of the skills and quests required in MM2. You also need osrs gold & 1x normal Logs and it is recommended (but not needed) to have 1x Magic logs. Then speak to King Narnode Shareen within the Grand Tree to start the quest. When the quest continues to be started, the next step should be to head over to close house that's southeast.
When you have spoken to Auguste in Entrana, bring a Ring of dueling or one Magic log to you. Then you can accomplish Gnome Stronghold via go up. cheap rs gold

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What items should you could have when you in Ape Atoll?

The island is just about the most dangerous places in RuneScape, especially to inexperienced gamers. It is loaded using giant crushing gorillas, assassin monkey archers, poisonous snakes and bumblebees, etc. When you step straight into this area, make sure to have food, anti-poisons and an emergency teleport when experiencing the island and expect you'll use protection prayers.

We gives you a possible solution to find and kill Kruk.

In order to finish this task, you should have any pickaxe, lots of high levels food, prayer potions, high level protection products and weapon, etc.
Head out on the hill west close to the monkey gate and talk with a Monkey Archer there. Head north of the Monkey Archer and look for some tracks/footprints, and follow them until you find a hidden trapdoor around a tree.
Then you can walk throughout the whole dungeon by walking south and about the dungeon. Once you reach the end of the dungeon, you can investigate for any shortcut back to Kruk's lair by using a wall. Turn a protection prayer in and kill Kruk.

There are some suggestions that you can deal with MM2.

1. Make sure you have sufficient rs 07 gold as part of your inventory. The quest is difficult for many people players, so you will need OSRS gold to obtain some items, such as useful potions, food, weapon, gear, hammer and chisel.
2. Try your best not to be caught by protections, or you will lose the explosives out of the satchels and need to refill them.
3. You need to have higher level skill in advance. High level Magic, Woodcutting, Ranged, Attack, Prayer, Damage and Slayer are typical needed in Monkey Madness 2.

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