Key Points to Remember While Buying Bean Bag Chairs

Posted by Anil Sharma on January 31st, 2022

Isn\'t it\'s nice for you to sit on a chair that can adjust itself to your body\'s shape? Or a chair that can relax your stiff muscles? The bean bag chair is the one that does it all and more. If there is any product that embodied the word comfy, it is the bean bag chair.

You must have seen it at your offices, cafes, friends\' house, and many more places. You may have even thought of getting one for your home.

But before that, you should know the things other than the benefits of this chair while buying a top bean bag. After all, your life will be more relaxed and smooth with a bean bag around you.

The fabric used in the chair

It\'s important to know what type of fabric is used in the bean bag. It will be better for you to go with one that is high-quality and durable. Since you will pull and push the chair a hundred times, the fabric must be strong to withstand the wear and tear.

One of the most popular fabrics used in bean bags is vinyl. This fabric has many benefits including one that you can wash easily.

But you should make sure that the ink used to make the fabric is lead-free.

If you have pets in your house then you should go for artificial leather as the hairs of your pets will not stick to the bean bag chair. You can also think of having polyester and nylon fabrics as they don\'t stain easily and they have a special coating that makes them mold and fade resistant.

Size and Shape of chair

Bean bags with round shapes are the most common and are mostly found in several places. However, you can have a bean bag of your choice as it is also found in different sizes and shapes.

Bean bags for kids have a circumference between 110 to 120 inches while when you look for teenagers the circumference is between 130 to 140 inches. If you need a bigger chair than this and want to use it for two people at the same time then you must go for a chair having a circumference of 180 inches.

If you suffer from body pain and aches then you must go for a pear-shaped chair that will work well. You can also go for a recliner Sofa if you need a fixed shape chair.

Square-shaped chairs have a fixed shape and will work well if you need a traditional sitting experience. There are also several chairs suitable for gamers that have built-in speakers and have a sitting area perfect for gaming enthusiasts.

IF you are looking for bean bags for your kids, you can go for chairs with fun shapes such as baked potato shape or sleeping grizzly shape.

Enquire about the filling used

You should also enquire about the filling of the bag besides its shape and size. However, there are many options to choose from such as polystyrene beads, foam, and expanded polypropylene.

Among these fillings materials, polystyrene beads and expanded polystyrene are minute in size and enjoy free movement inside the bags thus you can have maximum comfort. They have a range from 3 to 5 millimetres making the bag lightweight which means you can easily move the chair around your house.

Foam is also a good option as the foam used in it is solid and long-lasting.


If you are looking for more comfortable chairs you must check l shape sofas that will suit your living room.

There is no other furniture than bean bags which have many benefits such as relaxing your muscles, easing your body stiffness, and also giving ultimate relief to your aches. These chairs are also beneficial for pregnant woman as it offers total spine support.

If you are planning to buy a bean bag, you must remember these points before buying an effective bean bag chair.

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