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Posted by Danyking on May 10th, 2016

This week, we're proud to be starting a new series on Zenimax Online's Elder Scrolls Online called "Inside ESO". Every week or two, we'll be bringing you exclusive looks at the life behind the scenes in Tamriel. Sometimes it'll be an interview, sometimes it'll be a new build for a specific class, or something unique like a look at how lore is handled in creating new content. This week, it's all about the upcoming Dark Brotherhood DLC and its PVP changes.

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The Dark Brotherhood may be chiefly about assassinations and doing bad things in the shadows, but that doesn't mean the next DLC for Elder Scrolls Online is only about murder... well, unsanctioned murder. The Imperial City itself is getting some spiffy new additions and changes in the Dark Brotherhood and we spoke with PVP Lead Brian Wheeler about what's to come.

MMORPG: Hey Brian! Thanks for taking time to chat with us. Can you start by shedding some light on the upcoming changes or additions to PVP in ESO?
Brian Wheeler: It is my pleasure. First, in the upcoming Dark Brotherhood DLC patch we’re adding XP rewards to Cyrodiil keeps that grow depending on how much combat occurs at the keep. This is much like the Alliance Point functionality for defending or capturing. We are also adding District Captures to Imperial City—you can try this out on the PTS now! Also in the Dark Brotherhood patch, we’ve added some client-side fixes to address frame rate drops in large battles as well as some back-end server work to address server performance.

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