Reasons For Harmar Stairlift Repair in Arlington, VA and Rockville, MD

Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on February 2nd, 2022

Having a stairlift installed in one’s home can help one remain independent despite advanced years. Impaired mobility that affects one adversely by keeping the individual restricted to specific areas is solved when one has a stairlift to climb upstairs as and when needed. This enables one to access all parts of the self-owned home without restrictions and continue functioning as before. The advantages of using a branded stairlift are high, and the elderly user and the disabled consumer feel desolate when the device breaks down or fails to function properly. This makes it imperative to ask for Acorn stairlift repair in Arlington and Alexandria, VA, by getting in touch with experienced technicians sooner than later.

It is essential to understand that stairlifts are mechanical devices. It is subject to wear & tear and other problems one commonly observes in a machine. It requires regular maintenance to keep it in perfect working condition. Yet, there may be problems noted periodically. Repairing the stairlift at the earliest is recommended when one experiences any of the following issues:

Stalling/Stopping- The mere thought of being stranded midway when using a stairlift can send shivers down one’s spine. However, signs of impending problems become evident when the lift begins to slow down or stalls regularly. Such an experience necessitates immediate repairs. An experienced technician would check the circuitry, charge the batteries effectively, and lubricate the joints as needed. This will have the stairlift become fully operational once again.

Scraping Sound- The best stairlift should operate soundlessly. Hearing a weird, scraping sound indicates something is seriously wrong. It would not do to ignore it completely. One should be concerned enough to have a technician address the issue as soon as possible. The professional would be sure to look at the rollers and remove the worn-out ones, replacing them with new and matching rollers. Misalignment is a common problem that results in scraping noise. This is dangerous as the moving parts can come loose, causing the stairlift to fall off the rails. The repair personnel can check the problem issues and ensure repair/replacement of parts to have the stairlift function properly.

Wear & Tear- Age affects all organic and inorganic components, including devices. The stairlift is no exception either. Using the stairlift for years at a stretch without paying heed to maintenance issues may be foolhardy on the part of the consumer. Constant use leads to wear & tear that leaves the wiring exposed, casings cracked or broken, and seat springs malfunctioning. Having the lift inspected and repaired regularly by a seasoned maintenance crew can also increase the lifespan of the stairlift.

A professional company that deals with the sales and servicing of branded stairlifts will be able to assist as needed. It is vital to have a skilled and experienced professional handle Harmar stairlift repair in Arlington, VA, and Rockville, MD, instead of a handyman.

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