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Posted by stairliftmedicsmd on February 2nd, 2022

Having a stairlift installed can be a source of pride and joy. Elderly homeowners find such a device indispensable for multiple reasons. The ability to access all parts of one\'s home and live independently is a benefit that has no equals. It is necessary to understand that the stairlift is a device that has to be appropriately maintained to remain functional and helpful to the consumer. While the dealer would provide a few tips about caring for it, it is advisable to contact a professional to ensure stairlift service in King of Prussia and Broomall as and when needed.

Admittedly, professional services do not come cheap. It is essential to have a budget when contemplating regular cleaning and maintenance of the stairlift. The experts would be skilled at their job and assist by making the required repairs and/or replacing parts, but simple cleaning and maintenance also depend on the user\'s will. Some of the things that the user needs to be aware of after the starlit is installed by an experienced technician include:

Clearing the Track- It helps to inspect the tracks regularly and remove all obstructions. Failing to do so may hinder the stairlift movement causing it to stop midway. This becomes more important for people with young kids and pets at home.

Track Cleaning- Sure, a clear track ensures smooth and hassle-free movement of the lift. One also needs to keep it clean to have the dust and small particles of debris eliminated. Using a damp dishcloth to clean the tracks will do the trick. One has to be careful about not using water or alcohol-based cleaners. Wiping the seat and armrest at the same time is advisable as well. Doing it once every week will do

Vacuuming: Using the vacuum cleaner around the stairlift can go a long way in eliminating the accumulated dirt and debris from the area. The mechanical components would remain functional when there is no dust. Dander and other air-borne contaminants can affect the operation of the stairlift too. This makes it all the more important to keep the area squeaky clean.

Important Maintenance Tips

Unplugging the device periodically is a strict no-no. Experienced technicians advise keeping it plugged on during cleaning as well. This helps the battery keep charging with no waiting period needed for using the lift.

Lubricating the tracks regularly is of paramount importance. While it is okay for the user to handle it, one can also contact a seasoned professional for the service. One must use lubricants of high quality to ensure smooth operation. Lubrication should be done at least once in three months.

Using it daily will keep it functional. Senior citizens who only need to use it once in a while would be well advised to run it up and down daily, even when not seated.

Experts recommend contacting a company reputed for providing quality Handicare stairlift repair in Philadelphia and Willow Grove as required.

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