Wear Your Butterfly Brooch from Head to Foot

Posted by damien fleming on May 10th, 2016


Your butterfly-themed brooch can be worn on your head in several ways:

  • As part of your hairstyle

You can attach it to your plain ponytail holder or to a hair comb, in case of a ponytail or a chignon. You may even use it as a small tiara by attaching it to your on-the-top bun or beehive for added colourful sparkle.

  • As part of your head covering

Your bandanna can also be decorated with a stylish brooch preferably with a funky design to accentuate its print. Just make sure to pin it in a place where it will not be constantly pulling the bandanna down.

Your hat or beret can be re-defined in terms of its look. You can create a customized hat by pinning your butterfly pin on one side, at the front, or at the back depending on your desired look for the day. 


Your use of your butterfly-themed brooch on your clothes will only be limited by your imagination. You may even pin on two brooches on a single piece of clothing although in most instances, it is best to stick to a single attention–grabbing piece. 

  • Pin it on your scarf to hold it in place. Since you can wear a scarf in several ways, such as to tie your hair, cover your head, and wrap around your neck or waist, you can use the pin to secure it.
  • Pair it with various articles of clothing. A few ideas include accessorizing your little black dress; accentuating your bust line; and gathering the extra fabric in your too-large dress. You can wear it on the lapel of your business suit, jacket, and trench coat as well as on your shirt, blouse, and cardigan.
  • Stick it to your jeans. Your classic blue or black denim jeans will be more interesting with a sparkly brooch on it, whether it is placed on the front pocket, on the back pocket, and even on the folded hem. 

Basically, you can stick a brooch on any type of clothing for as long as its fabric can hold its weight. 


Don’t leave your shoes plain and bare! You should attach a funky pin on the band of your shoes – or any other strategic place, for that matter – for a customized look.

With such versatile uses, a brooch is one of the best gifts you can give, perhaps along with a silver perfume bottleor a set of sewing gifts(e.g., for sewing on old brooches to bags).

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