7 Tips to choose the right personal GPS tracker

Posted by sunainaram on May 10th, 2016

In the days where technology is making advances by leaps and bounds, GPS tracking system is also making its presence felt around. How the child tracking device has made its entry into our household list of daily gadgets is noteworthy. Basically, a GPS tracker is a location finder device. You can know the whereabouts of the person who is carrying the personal GPS Tracker. This certainly goes a long way in making life comfortable and relaxing as we know the whereabouts of our young or old ones as they venture out on their own.

These days there are a number of tracking devices available in the market. Some with basic features and some with advanced features. Setting out to buy one can land you in a bizarre state of confusion. Our below mentioned guidelines would enable you to make an apt choice from the many available gadgets.

The 7 tips that you should bear in mind before you buy a Personal GPS tracker

  1. The first thing that you need to identify is what you are going to be tracking ... whether it is a fleet of vehicle, equipment, asset or person, etc.
  2. If the place or person using the tracker would not have an internal power source, then you would probably need a device that is battery-powered. Portable battery powered trackers give you more mobility and can be moved across multiple locations.
  3. If you choose a Battery powered device, there will be some point where you would have to retrieve the device to recharge the battery. The major advantage of a battery powered device is that they can be easily deployed anywhere, whether it’s your vehicle or your child’ backpack.
  4. If you are certain that you need to monitor only one vehicle, then the hardwired vehicle tracking system is the best. The hardwired devices get power from your vehicle’s battery. So no more batteries and no hassles of recharging! Simply follow a quick and easy installation and plug them on your vehicle. If you wish to keep a watchful guard on your driver, it can be possible as these trackers can be carefully hidden in the vehicles!
  5. The gadget, especially the child tracking device should be relatively easy to use. Using the device should not require knowledge of rocket science!
  6. Visual effects are always welcomed and they convey information also well. Hence, use of satellite maps would be beneficial if you are tracking a vehicle or person.
  7. Key features that you can look out for –
    1. Speed alerts
    2. Zone alerts
    3. Historical route retrieval
    4. For fleet owners – idle time of vehicle, start and stop timings, routing, vehicle mileage reporting, weather overlays for driver safety, driving report, etc.

Now with tips handy, make the best choice of GPS tracker for yourself!

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