What are the benefits of Thermage FLX Treatments?

Posted by John Smith on February 4th, 2022

Since 2003, Thermage UK treatments have offered a non-surgical facelift option, gently tightening the skin.
Is 18-year-old technology effective today? Absolutely - These 18 years have been synonymous with many advances and new generations of Thermage Flx. This has refined the technique and improved its performance for a better experience and better treatment results.
What is Thermage and how does it work?
Thermage FLX London uses radio frequency (RF) energy to smooth and firm the skin. Radiofrequency radiation penetrates deep into the dermis to help improve skin appearance and reduce sagging skin.

Radiofrequency heat causes existing collagen fibers to shrink and new collagen to grow in the skin. The production of new collagen will take place during the 6 months following the Thermage London skin tightening treatment. Thermage\'s newest radio frequency machine, Thermage FLX, reduces treatment time by 25%.
Thermage FLX features a new optimized energy delivery algorithm that automatically measures and precisely adjusts the amount of energy delivered to your skin.
What are the benefits of Thermage FLX Treatments?
- Better definition of facial features as well as the oval of the face by tightening the skin around the jawline and neck.
- Smoother skin and firmer body in all treated areas including abdomen, legs, arms, knees, and thighs. Thermage also improves the appearance of cellulite or \"orange peel skin\".
- Thermage Eyes is the only non-surgical FDA-approved procedure on the market for improving the eyelids and eye area. It treats the eye contour area ensuring a tightening of droopy eyelids, a reduction of wrinkles, and a more open look.
When will I see Thermage results?
The effects of Thermage treatment are both immediate and gradual, as the new collagen restores some measure of the skin\'s lost elasticity and firmness.
Following a Thermage session, expect slight improvement at first and continued changes over the next 6 months.
Is Thermage effective for me?
Thermage is an effective way to achieve a lifting effect on the skin without resorting to surgery.
However, it should be noted that Thermage London sessions do not replace a surgical facelift in the case of significant sagging skin, and in most cases, a dramatic change should not be expected. Thermage is known for its ability to subtly define and firm the face and body.
In addition, this treatment is not suitable for everyone. It is contraindicated in patients with an active implant such as a pacemaker for example. For this purpose, you must obtain the agreement of a doctor before making the decision.

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