Safety Is The Foremost Consideration for Personalised Baby Gifts

Posted by damien fleming on May 10th, 2016

This is all too true for baby jewellery where little necks, wrists, and hands are at greater risks for injuries and illnesses with incorrect choices. Fortunately, baby jewellery from reliable manufacturers is designed and manufacture with the safety of young babies in mind.

As a buyer, nonetheless, you should still carefully consider the materials and shape of the jewellery as well as the strength of its attachments and clasps. Your vigilance in these matters will not only work to your gift recipients’ benefit but to your benefit as well since the parents will welcome your presents in the future, too. 

Look at the Materials Used

Your first consideration is the materials used in the pieces especially as it will come into contact with a baby’s sensitive skin, perhaps even with his mouth. While gold jewellery is among the top choices, you will also find affordable choices like the finest quality sterling silver, as is the case with a Silver cufflinks.

Regardless of your choice, you should always ensure that there are no harmful chemicals in the jewellery. These include lead, mercury and nickel, all of which have been proven to have adverse serious side effects when these chemicals come into contact with the skin.   

You should also look at the other materials used in the pieces. You have to consider the quality of the beads, crystals, and cubic zirconia to ensure that these are safe for babies. 

Consider the Shapes

Your gift of jewellery should have no sharp and jagged edges that can potentially harm a baby’s skin. Your best bets are smooth materials with rounded edges that will feel comfortable against the skin even for an adult.

If you are shopping online, you will likely be unable to test the edges for smoothness. In this case, your best course of action is always to purchase the products from a reliable manufacturer with a return and exchange policy.

Factor in the Attachments

You have to look at the clasps and closures, too. These should be secure and smooth as sharp clasps can dig into a baby’s skin, which can result in injuries (e.g., broken skin) or illnesses (e.g., rashes). These must also be sufficiently strong to withstand an active baby’s pulling and tugging with his hands and mouth. 

When you have considered all of these factors, you can start considering the styles of baby jewellery. You will be surprised that aside from your usual charming designs, you will also find several Art Deco jewellerythat the parents will also love.

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