Benefits of Using Volumetric Piston Filling Machines

Posted by Rex Conner on February 4th, 2022

Volumetric piston filling machines are considered as one of the versatile bottle fillers on the market because they fill containers with a consistent volume of the product based on the time-based filling principle. Even if the container’s interior volumes are different, these machines ensure to fill each container with the same amount of product. This is the reason why come containers might look less or more filled compared to the others.

These machines do not offer the same data-tracking capabilities as net weights, but there are a lot of benefits that you can get from using one of these. So, here are some benefits that a volumetric piston filling machine offers.

Provides accurate volume

The volume of the cylinder doesn’t change which results in the entry and exit of the same volume of product in the piston with every stroke. Also, the volume remains unchanged even after the product gets pushed out of the cylinder into the waiting containers. This process offers accurate volumetric fill which is very important for a number of different products.

Handles the particles well

The cylinder of the piston filler provides a great solution for filling products such as jams, jellies and others products that has particles in them. Smaller particles might not be a problem, even for overflowing machines but when it comes to larger particles such as chunks of fruits and vegetables that are found of jams and jellies, they might block certain nozzles. This is why piston and cylinder work together so that they can remove these kinds of issues when dealing with products that contain particles.  

Able to handle different sized containers

The actual piston in the machine can range in size as well and this makes it easy to handle both small and large-sized containers. Since the heads do not need to create pressure or seal the opening of any bottle for overflow purposes, lightweight and fragile bottles can be used in this machine. Even containers with unique shapes can also be used on these machines. But one thing to remember is packagers doing both large and small containers might need more than a single-piston size.

Offers different nozzle types

Piston fillers that are semi-automatic normally consist of a single fill head but there are exceptions. The automatic versions might include different types of fill heads and the nozzles can be manufactured in such a way that they can meet the demand of any specific product. These can range from simple ball valves to diving heads and these variations of nozzles offer great versatility to piston fillers.

Therefore, these are the benefits that a volumetric piston filling machine can offer to your business. 

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