Are unethical acts essential for success?

Posted by Anupam Raj on February 4th, 2022

It is almost impossible to imagine living without the available material amenities in the context of the present scenario.

And it is well-known fact that success and wealth are the main factors for the life with amenities.


The recognition of any person in society is in all respects based on the performance of his success and achievements.

To become a successful person, not only do you need perfect skills, but you also need to follow all the specialties of a successful person.

Can it actually be possible to achieve success on the practical level without doing any unethical acts? 

In the present scenario, we will find that there are many different types of articles and videos are available on the internet about how to achieve success, some of the motivational speeches also say that the only way to achieve success is to simply imbibe success.

If you think at which cost ??they are getting success, then you will never be able to succeed, so if you want to be successful in life then never worry about how you are getting it.

In reality, on the journey towards success, at any point or any situation, some obstacles which are denoting humanity, principles, and ethicality are definitely had to be faced.

Success and its circumference ?are different for every person i.e. every person\'s point of view is different for every task and every person looks at it from the perspective of the circumstances available to him.

Also, there is does not matter what is his work area or which type of work he is doing and every person wants to achieve success by mastering that field, that is, everyone who works in any field wants to do something big towards achieving his objectives.

But according to the practical ground realities, the biggest problem arises when anyone does not succeed to achieve their determined desired objectives despite honesty, dedication, and hard-working, as a result, starts moving towards disappointments, and after some time span, when he gets frustrated, he gives up trying to be successful.

Main factors for not achieving success:

1. Lack of well-planned time-bound project to achieve the target, tendency to procrastinate, acted only when there was a desire to do so.

2. Not having any command over himself like unplanned routine, eating at will, roaming freely, spending at will, etc.

3. Lack of dedication and loyalty to work towards achieving the targeted objectives.

4. Due to lack of ethicality is intentionally behaving unethically with other people or knowing that something is harming others and benefiting themselves, so they keep on deceiving others.

What is the main thing that stops us from achieving our well-planned goal or objective in spite of hard work with honesty and dedication? Why does this happen?

According to my vision, a good person and a successful person are two different things? If it is not there anywhere, then it will be included in the rare of rare category.

And if you consent with us then the question will arise that which kind of creature is better and more useful for our lives and society?

According to my way of consideration towards this matter, to achieve success in life, any work can be done in two ways.

  • 1. To achieve success by unethical acts.
  • 2. To achieve success by ethical acts.

There is a need to understand is that what types of activities are classified separately as ethical or as unethical. 

Ethical activities:

Ethicality is actually a cluster of accepted rules, laws, and customs in a society or situation that regularize the actions performed by anyone for the socio public welfare.

\"Ethical\" is a broad meaning \'word\' which is generally defined as their acts according to the place and condition of any individual, group, business, corporate, social, religion, art, sport, or trust, etc.

It is said and believed that any society without ethicality is like a forest and its people are like wild animals of this society.

It also needs to be understood here that some acts are ethical while being unethical and vice versa. Just as a doctor gives proper treatment to a very bad or criminal injured person, here the ethical act of the doctor is to treat him and not to see what kind of person the injured person is. 

Unethical activities:

Unethical activities carried out anywhere refer to actions that do not conform to the legal or socially acceptable standards for that place or work. 

Some people do not hesitate to do any unethical activities to accomplish their objectives, goals, and various kinds of other things. Cont... 

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